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Museum of the year 2017
»Textiel Museum
Blog pals and museum lovers here! Let us introduce you to the
Textile Museum!

 The Jazz Age 1920 - 1930
Inspiring beautiful dresses from the roaring twenties! If you are a lover of vintage dresses then you should definitely check out the collection at Textiel Museum.
 My favorite piece is probably this kimono night gown.
`Picnic at the Lake` pieces 
TextileLab: many ways of looking at textiles
Pretty much a lab with behind-the-scenes of embroidery, weaving, machines, big yarn bobbins, loom, knitting and all very interesting and educational of course. I really enjoyed the bicycle powered loom especially!
Gorgeous fluffy embroidery artwork!
Tufting, have you heard of it before? I haven`t until now of course and it`s fascinating! If you know how to tuft, you can really create awesome carpets or wall hangers! Even furnitures!
Here a closer detail of tufting.
Can I take you home
with me? Please? Pretty
please please?
Back to the old handicraft days
Step by step guiding you through the making of wool. Funny (or not so funny) thing is that I`m allergic to heavy dust. So it was a quick peek for me then straight to the next part to avoid sneeze attack and itchy red eyes. Sniff.
It says: 70% horse hair and 30% cotton.

DIY time at the Pompom Corner!
Saving the best for last I suppose? It sure is nice of the museum to add a little craft corner for the guests! Me and Jessy enjoyed making our
pompom `chicks` haha.
Panorama Deck
Before we leave we strolled around at the panorama deck. Too bad the view was

museum score

Dinner later that afternoon at Lokaal 7. I had something with pasta and vegetarian and Jessy something with duck. We both got the coffee crème brûlée dessert at the end and was very yum!


  1. This looks like the exact kind of place for you! It would've been fun to see all the clothes!

    1. It was ^__^ the clothes were super topnotch vintage, I loved it! Xx


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