A Day in Ghent

This is Ghent
(and this is Bruges)
Another city trip to Belgium and this time it`s Ghent! The last time I entered Belgium was when I visited Bruges with A. which I written a blogpost about it. If you need any Bruges trip tips, feel free to check out my Bruges-blogpost then! If you feeling more Ghent-ish then please continue scrolling down. Again, one of the perks of living south Holland is the quick access to Belgium. For me it only takes less then an hour to reach Ghent by car.
-5° Ghent
Summer is around the corner and by now you should know I`m a slow blogger. Me and A. were in Ghent during the Winter time and it was minus 5 degrees Celsius. My scarf and thick coat should give you the hint anyway. Anyway! It was pretty cold but the sun was shining effortlessly that day and that makes me and A. a happier travel person too!
This picture looks like Summer doesn`t it? But really it was -5°.
Food time!
Het Moment ❤ 4/5

“Where shall we eat?!”
We asked a local Ghent-person (a saleswoman from &Other Stories - love this store) for a hotspot tip and we were send off to `Het Moment` which means The Moment
in Dutch.
Our lunch:
1 cappuccino
1 matcha latte
1 vegetarian quiche
1 Soup of Day (tomato soup)
The old building and interior: love!
Happy! Our first shot of caffeine of the day. The matcha latte was ok, could be much bitter as always.
City Pavilion
Giving a nice contrast between ancient and modern. And look it`s Chinese New Year themed too!
When on holiday and I go shopping I try to avoid the big chains stores and visit small boutiques or shops that I don`t go too often because we don`t have that particular shop nearby.
Coffee break

We Continue
At Sissy-Boy
Pretty shop interior!
Testing my pancake-lens.
Hungry again
We keep walking until the sun sleeps
The center area of Ghent is pretty much one attraction itself with the pretty old style buildings, houses, street art, green and clever architecture. If you are a history-culture seeking nerd like me, then you probably wouldn`t mind to walk the streets of Ghent back and forth walking two or even three times more of the same street.

Fort Gravensteen

Lekker GEC ❤ 4/5
I`m a pescatarian (half vegetarian that still eats fish and dairy) and my friend A. is a flexitarian (pretty much eats everything but consciously) and for dinner we decided to go green fully. Lekker GEC is the perfect place because it`s a 100% vegetarian based restaurant.
Some of the dishes are vegan too.
Lekker GEC is also a buffet restaurant. Pretty awesome right, a vegetarian buffet restaurant. I haven`t seen many of these specific restaurants before. So at Lekker GEC you basically scoop up your plate with food and at the end your food will be weighted to determine the price.

I had: cold rice salad, cauliflower salad, vegetarian meatloaf, beet root and parsnip puree. My total damage was: €6,15
But if you`re not feeling for the buffet part, you can still order off the menu. Like French fries with veganaise!

(goodnight Ghent)


  1. Oooh, ik ben nog niet eerder in Ghent (of Brugge) geweest maar ik krijg nu toch wel zin om even een korte trip te gaan organiseren misschien :))) Wat een ontzettend leuke eettentjes hebben jullie gevonden!

    1. Moet je doen meis ^___^ het eten vind ik in België lekker maar ook goedkoper :P en dat is altijd
      goed nietwaar haha Xx

  2. Ghent looks like an amazing town to explore. And all the food photos are making me so hungry!!

    1. Ghent is gorgeous ^___^ you should visit it someday if you got the chance or
      nearby! Xx

  3. I also prefer visiting boutiques rather than chains! Though I do love to check out supermarket chains in different countries! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Wooo, high-5 gurl! I also LOOOOVE checking out supermarkets haha :')
      especially when going abroad. Checking out supermarkets is on my top-3 to do list haha :')


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