How to cozy up your bunk bed

Guest bunk bed
At our home we have a guest bunk bed, specially made for stay over guest(s). And that is super convenient because right now I have family from the US coming over here in Holland for holiday. My US-family could book a hotel and spend money on accommodation, but they are family and my door is always wide open for family members and so we offered a sleep place.

Here`s how I cozy up a bunk bed and making it comfortable for sleepovers.
Hygiene is key
I think everybody loves to sleep in a nice clean bed right? For guests and especially family who are staying over I find these fundamentals extra important. I want for them to make their sleepover feel like a hotel stay. And it starts with hygiene and so I cover the mattress with a mattress-protection and on top quality bed sheets.
`Swisstech` Mattress protection
Since we really can`t wash a mattress use a mattress-protection cover! These are totally washable and safe.
Next: cute bedding
"chunky knit"
Or should I say soft bedding because these duvet cover with big yarn prints are asking for sweet dreaming.
Final cozy touches
Perhaps not necessary but I just love little knick-knacks. Here are my extra add-ons for an extra cozy bunk bed:

- paper garland
- ambiance making (Christmas) lighting
- books
- music
- and of course a power socket


  1. This is such a cute idea! It definitely looks super cosier - more inviting than my actual bedroom, haha!

    1. Awww, thank you Jane :P haha perhaps you are inspired now? Xx

  2. This is so cute!! Love the fairy light details, I really need to invest in some for own my room :)

  3. bedroom and bed is such a YOU-HAVE-TO-BE-PERFECT-FOR-ME space muehehehheh

    1. Haha! And it has to be comfy too ^___^ thank you for visiting my blog! Xx

  4. This is so thoughtful! I love a good string light ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Oefff, die 3 kussens om tegenaan te zitten. Dit ziet er supercosy uit! :)

    1. Inderdaad, heerlijk slapen en lekker chillen ^___^ Xx


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