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Summer of 2018 was a big Asia trip for me, hopping from Hong Kong to Japan and finally China but before all this wanderlust in me exploded I was enjoying some pre-Asia foods back in my own Holland.  

Zomer 2018 was een groot Aziatisch reis voor mij. Ik ging naar Hong Kong, Japan en tot slot China, maar hiervoor genoot ik al van de Asian voorpret op eigen Nederlands bodem. Met name het eten!

The Netherlands

Queues in front of a food place in the Netherlands is super rare. When you witness one then you can be assure that this food place is not going to let you down. This was the case with Hinoki, a Japanese specialized restaurant in Rotterdam. So here were are queuing with J. and N. for our ramen feast outside in the freezing cold (as I already caught cold as you see) for roughly 20 min (felt like 45 min).

Hinoki you better not let us down.
Reservation not possible
Of course we did think of reservating a table before queuing outside in the cold but unfortunate Hinoki does not accept.

But we are inside! And ready to feast! And look this is their top-5 bestsellers
We Ordered
1 pot warm sake
1 ramen `black tonkotsu` for N.
1 ramen `spicy shrimp` for J.
1 ramen vegetarian for moi
1 kimchi
1 teriyaki chicken
1 takoyaki
1 cold egg sea weed mayo
We `gānbēi’d` with our sake which was nice and warm and I was awaken straight away as the alcohol kicked into my system. Warm sake is so nice in the cold Winter days and I`m not even much of a drinker.
Followed by more warm, hot steamy goodies: our ramen! This is what we came

We waited roughly 20 minutes outside freezing and it was not fun but my bowl of ramen and the other side dishes made up for it. Everything was tasty, not overly salty and most importantly: heartstomachwarming. I have checked their handy allergy/food list and all our foods except for the eggs contains MSG. It was expected anyways and I respect the honesty and I will definitely continue eating here.
Chicken, which I can`t eat but look how glossy and yum they look!!
yum, nom, chomp
ADDRESS: Keizerstraat 52 3011 GH, Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
INTERIOR: ••• 3/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5


  1. The food looks really good, I love ramen. Rotterdam has such good restaurants in general, last time I went there me and my friend ended up at a Spanish restaurant that was called 'Lola' I think - have you heard of it? The food was so good. Waiting outside is a bit of pain, especially when it's that cold outside. xx

    1. Spanish food! Yum! That sounds good, I'll keep this Lola place in mind thank you c:
      Sometimes it was worth the wait which was also with this time thank goodness

  2. Everything looks so yummy! Definitely looks like a great meal to warm up from the icy cold.

  3. Lucky that you don't usually need to queue! Although, my mom always likes going to places with queues because she says you can trust that those places are delicious because everyone is going to them. I mean, she's not wrong! After a long wait and a delicious meal, I always joke that the long queue is part of the restaurant's strategy to make the food taste better, because the hungrier you are when you arrive, the more appreciative of food you are! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha your mum :P and that joke of yours which can be a strategy of restaurants to make food taste
      better! When I'm hu(a)ngry I always find food super tasty :') Xx


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