Pinching myself in Tokyo


This Summer of 2018 I was finally able to cross Japan off my bucketlist. It has always been my goal to go to Japan since I was a kiddo because manga & anime, 'kawaii' stuff and food. Japan seems to be a slice of heaven on earth the younger-me must have thought.
Finally I was really here in Japan in Tokyo and! I also went to Hokkaido area. More of that coming soon but for now: my first real day in Tokyo. Gosh I need to pinch myself.

In deze zomer van 2018 kon ik eindelijk Japan van mijn bucketlist strepen. Het was namelijk een lange streven geweest om naar Japan af te reizen sinds ik nog kind was. Want als kind werd ik namelijk al blootgesteld aan de manga & anime, 'kawaii' hebbedingetjes en 't eten. Japan leek in mijn kinderogen een stukje paradijs op aarde en eindelijk was ik er! In Japan! In Tokyo en ook in de provincie van Hokkaido. Meer over dat binnenkort maar voor nu: de belevenis van mijn eerste dag in Tokyo. 

Good morning HOT
and good morning 38ºC
24/7 ready and there for me
The convenient stores of Japan which I could I dream of because we sadly don`t have it in Holland. Why am I so intrigued to these 24/7 shops specifically the Japanese one? Maybe it`s the stuff that they offer like the nicely prepacked food and drinks but also fresher stuff like buns, coffee & tea and deep fried food. Also the non-food items are just lovely and lifesavers like toiletries, hosiery, USB chargers and magazines that are cheap and available within a hand reach. Like a friend reaching out a helping hand ready and being there for you. This is how I predicted to be before I entered a Japanese convenient shop and let me tell you, my prediction became real. On our first day of Japan we already filled our coffee table with the goods that we got from a convenient shop.
We pretty much take good use of the convenient store everyday for breakfast or just a (midnight) snack.
Breakfast: a doughnut and coffee.
Train to Ginza
We traveled with the train/metro everyday through Tokyo. We bought tickets everyday which became quite expensive. We should have bought a travelpass called IC Cards which are rechargeable cards that allows you travel through Tokyo and it`s cheaper than buying a single ticket every time. Lesson learned.
Hello Higashi Ginza
We explored this shop area that was next to the metro station. Quite touristy but swell too.
My first cone of soft serve with puffed rice in Japan.
Lunch time
That morning eating pattern where I started with coffee and doughnut followed by that soft serve is perhaps not the most nutritious morning I had. Time to fill my belly with warmer foods at:
Le Sakura ♥ 

I had the eel rice lunch set with miso clam soup. The eel rice was yum with eel that melts on your tongue but I didn`t enjoyed the overly salty bitter clam soup though.

My cousin got this lunch set with rice, pickles, smoked fish and more pickled vegetables.
Then for dessert we went to this really kawaii pastry shop called Le Sakura. The saleswoman was not able to communicate in English with us and we were unable to speak Japanese. So I just let my fingers glide on the pastry display and just pointed out at the many tasty looking stuff of what I wanted. I picked out this rolled up pastry not knowing it was filled with adzuki beans (red beans) and I was surprised it was red bean and how TASTY it was. I was so surprised because red beans is not my favorite thing but this piece of pastry was just truly heaven. This matcha cake was also yummy.

Waterfront, here we come!
Really tiny, clean, wobbly bus that shook me into a nice nap the entire ride to the Waterfront district. And I think the heat of 38ºC also made me really sleepy.
So spacious and so green here! Even this smoking spot is green.

Palette Town
Checking out this mini theme park and a Toyota car show. I`m not a huge car fan but this Toyota car show was pretty fun and interactive.
DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
The evening was approaching and we`ve decided to chill at a nearby mall and to have dinner too.
As for dinner I`ve decided to eat omurice which is Japanese omelette rice and super comforting. It also came with a crispy shrimp-croquette with creamy filling inside. I`m a half vegetarian and I can conclude that Japan is not a friendly vegetarian country. Almost everything has something of meat in it and that was also the case of this omurice where there are little pieces of ham inside. I really want to be a good half vegetarian so I did my darnest best in digging out the ham pieces or by spitting them out. Furthermore it was a delicious dish overall.
So this was day 1 in Tokyo! It was a good and a happy one with lots of food discovery and sometimes still pinching myself for the fact that I`m standing in Tokyo and that I`m not dreaming. Though I`m not dreaming it was time to go back to our apartment and sleep in our bed tatami mat anyway and have a goodnight sleep and dreams. Dreams of 100% vegetarian Japanese food.


  1. Food looks all so delicious!! And all the snacks! That is insanely hot.. yikes. Looking forward to reading more about your trip

    Nat • dignifiable

    1. I really miss the food of Japan despite being not so vegetarian friendly, sigh.
      And thank you ^__^ Xx

  2. Your pictures are so pretty!!! I went to Japan for the first time this year as well back in Spring and "it was like being in an anime!", LOL. I loved everything about Japan... I've never seen such an efficient and vibrant city in my entire life. Their convenience stores is honestly the next level compared to Western stores... I mean, I could really grab a pair of underwear from 7-11?! Haha. I'm so happy you enjoyed Japan as well!

    1. Awww thank you Claire!! I would love to see Japan in Spring time and to see the amazing cherry blossoms!!
      I think too it's an efficient and vibrant color with big contrast too c: and I truly enjoyed my time in Japan c: Xx

  3. Japan looks amazing! I love all the cute kawaii treats. That's interesting you don't have 24-7 stores in Holland. It's hard to imagine living without them since I am used to them. They're so... Convenient!! But the ones in Japan look a lot nicer and safer than the ones in the US!

    1. Japan was great yes! Especially the 'kawaii' treats haha. We do have 24/7 stores in Holland but those are not from big chains and usually from tacky-looking businesses -ahem- O well. Maybe in the future we might have
      7-Elevens in Holland c: Xx

  4. Ohh YES! Ik heb lang uitgekeken naar je Japan posts! Suica cards helpen wel een hoop qua tijd, maar zijn voor zover ik weet niet perse heel veel goedkoper dan losse kaartjes kopen? Maar good to know!! :D
    Convenience stores in Japan zijn echt de beste ooit, right? En ook al is het allemaal fabrieks-eten, en het is nog steeds echt best wel lekker! :o Ik ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen :))))

    1. Wooooo, welcome welcome! Moshi moshi c: de Suica cards zijn inderdaad niet veel goedkoper (ik geloof maar 5 yen verschil) maar het is wel handigere.
      Fabrieks-eten of niet, het zijn gewoon leuke guilty pleasure hebbedingetjes haha... and thanks c: Xx

  5. Japanese convenience stores are the best!! Definitely one of the things I miss most about living there... along with the rice balls they sell, yummmm :) Looking forward to seeing more from your trip!

    1. Ah man, I so miss those rice balls so so much!! :c The ones here in Holland are so dry, boo

  6. I looove Japanese and Taiwanese convenience stores! My brothers alwaaays want to get meals from convenience stores rather than from actual restaurants, 1) because convenience store food is delicious, and 2) they like taking the food back to the apartment/Airbnb/hotel and eating in. Sometimes I get really lazy and agree with my brothers, though convenience store food really is quite delicious! But I have more motivation than my brothers to venture away from convenience stores and try out local restaurants, because Japan has sooo much delicious food! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha, thank goodness you are willing to explore beyond the convenience stores than your bro's :P
      I think I'd get bored of getting the same type of factory food from the convenience store everytime.
      Japan has just to many great delicious food! Xx


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