Charly All Is Fair Vegan cheeseboard

Vegan cheese = real cheese?
Cheese. You either hate it or LOVE it and I have decided to be a cheeselover. Because of the invention of cheesecake (of course it counts!), macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, Cheetos puffs, other cheesy chips and should I continue? Alright! Grilled cheese, topping off grated cheese on pasta, cheese fondue and that melted layer cheese on your veggie burger, YUMYUM! What about a cheeseboard? Now here`s a confession of a cheeselover with a just a slight resentment of cheese as I`m not a huge fan of cheeseboards. The main reason is that I don`t like big chunk of cheese cubes that you often find on a cheeseboard. I find cheese cubes alone just to much. It need something else to eat with like bread lots of bread. Most of the time I just pick the toast with rightful amount of cheese and fruit. So what about a vegan cheeseboard? How are vegan cheeses anyways? I haven`t had them before yet I`m intrigued. Will it taste like the real cheese? I don`t know and I`m excited to find it out with Charly`s All Is Fair vegan cheeses as I will indicate the cheese-realness with % from zero to 100%.
Thanks Charly!
Charly`s vegan cheeses replicates real cheeses and gave each one of them their own special name. By the name of Charly!

Parm á Zaan

40% reallness
The Parm á Zaan from Charly looks different than the real parmesan as you can tell. This one looks a lot nuttier and that`s because of the grinded cashew nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. Other things to add the vegan parmesan ingredient list are sea salt, noble yeast en garlic. Even though it doesn`t really look like the real parmesan I think it`s a lovely mixture of nuts and gives a nice bite to the pasta or salads!j

60% realness
Now this was a nice spread and it looks like cheese on the first look but if you`ve told me it`s hummus then I probably would have believed you too. The texture is grainier than the real French boursin cheese but yet it`s still creamy and it does reminds me a lot of hummus.
Nonetheless it`s still very yum on my toast!

50% reallness
Cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses because it`s nice and spicy and this vegan cheese looks close enough. Even though it also looks a lot like spicy hummus. This vegan cheddar contains 56% cashew nuts and has spices like mustard in it and I like it a lot! Very creamy, filing and spunky warming and I think this is my favorite of all the vegan cheeses here. Good job!


70% realness
Roquefort is a French blue cheese and originally made from sheep milk. Yep. I think blue cheese is ok, not my favorite but as long it`s a teeny tiny dollop on a dish then I`m cool with it. No big chunk on my toast please! The vegan version has similar ingredients as the cheddar from above plus it has spirulina which causes the green, moldy look. Making it extra healthy too!

(goat cheese)
85% realness
Last but not least: the vegan goat cheese! Goat cheese is so so SO delicious, it`s one of my favorite type of cheese and I love it in my salad with walnuts and a good squeeze of honey. From all the vegan cheese above this vegan goat cheese by Charly is the closest to the real goat cheese I find. The texture, look and taste is really nice too. Quite simple yet still creamy. Like a goat cheese suppose to be.
No vegan cheeseboard without vegan sausages! These are from The Vegetarian Butcher and not only they look super real but taste AMAZINGLY real too!
One of my food bestie who`s a meatlover tells me that these sausage slices are super delicious!
起司 ♥


  1. I love cheese and dairy so much, and it's one of the main reasons I probably couldn't go vegan, but I could probably go vegetarian or pescatarian. Anywho, I've never tried vegan cheese before, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying it! I still wouldn't be able to give up regular cheese though haha. I currently have a small wedge of gouda cheese in my fridge, and if I want to eat it, I usually cut out cubes from the wedge and then pair them with crackers sort of like Ritz crackers :P It is a bit difficult to eat cubes of cheese with crackers as opposed to spreadable cheese (like goat cheese) on crackers, but still tastes delicious! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Same! I love dairy and eggs way to much that it's almost impossible for me to become vegan. I'd probably cheat and surrender and stuff my face with grilled cheese :') You should give the vegan cheese a try though! It's creamy and
    'cheesy' in some way ;) Xx And oehhhh gouda cheese! That's Dutch cheese :D Xx


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