Kiki House: My Tokyo Summer Home


Hello! I have returned to my Japan travelposts from last Summer and my heart is still after beating in Tokyo. An amazing city. A colourful city. A hot city. Like literally hot because there were days that felt 50°C. I don't mind hot but that was insane.
Anyway it's good that me and my family had a place to retreat from the scorching sun and hide in the shadows with blazing AC and a cool drink. Our place was our temporary home called Kiki House.

Hallo! Ik ben teruggekeerd naar mijn Japanse reizen van afgelopen zomer en mijn hart is nog steeds aan het nagenieten in de stad Tokio. Een geweldige stad. Een kleurrijke stad. Een hete stad. Letterlijk hete stad, want er waren dagen die voelde aan als 50°C. Heet vind ik niet erg, maar dit was wél heel heet. Hoe dan ook, het is goed dat ik en mijn familie een plek hadden om zich terug te trekken van de brandende zon en in schaduw baadde met een koel drankje. Deze plek was ons tijdelijk huis genaamd Kiki House.

What I expect
What expectation do I have for my first time staying at a Japanese house? My view on Japanese houses is quite biased already thanks to the televisions and anime/manga ha and it`s positive! Japanese houses should be:

- clean! Not just clean but really spotless, dustfree spick and span area!
- large wood use
- cozy, homey and warm
- gadgety/futuristic
- simple and minimalistic
I absolutely love love the idea of taking off your shoes first before entering the house. Same rule at our Asian household house too!
So after we have taken off our shoes we walk upstairs to our room and so far everything looks so clean!
Also first gadget thingie spotted which is this cool staircase light switch.
Which was surprisingly small but still clean and spotless. It has one shower (with a steamer) and one toilet (with a butt shower cleaner thingy). The sink looks old but well maintained and we even received little toiletries too. Nice!
Living room
The living room was nice and comfy, maybe a bit small but it was enough for the four of us. There`s a sofa with sweet cushions but I was sitting on the floor cross legged at the coffee table most of the time. There`s a tv with good receive (we watched World Cup Football 2018 on that) and a little tea maker in the corner with a kettle. Also, there`s free wifi. Was I feeling quite at home? Yes I do!
Right next to the living room which was divided by a lovely sliding paper wood door was our sleeping area. It was the only sleeping area too. We slept on tatami mat and on a thin mattress, dreaming and sleeping in Japanese style. I like it! I wished Kiki House provided us cool yukata bathrobes but nope. Since our bedroom was right next to the living room we could easily watch tv right from our bedmat too!
There was an empty small room/walk-in closet which was for some reason creepy at the same time. Yet it also became my private yoga room too during my stay in Tokyo ha.
On a balcony for laundry hanging.
The Conclusion
Is it clean, spotless and spick and span? Oh yes. What they say and what I see for myself on the internet about Japanese houses they live up their fame. Perhaps not every Japanese houses are clean but so far, Japan is neat and tidy!

The wood in the interior is practically the main source and there`s rarely brick or stone used. I think it`s because Japan is sensitive for earthquake that most houses are build lightly on wood. I`m fine with wood because I like wood! It gives a cozy look and natural calm feel. There`s also a minimum use of furniture making all the wood even pop more. At the same time the insert of gadgets and nifty handy technology around the house is making living in Tokyo comfortable.

ADDRESS:〒124-0013 Tokyo 3 Chome-23-14 Higashitateishi Katsushika-ku - JAPAN
Bed: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Service: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Interior: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Price: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5


  1. I love how simple everything is - every item has a purpose. I really like when a toilet has a bidet (the 'butt shower thingy' lol).

    Looks like a lovely place to stay at!

    1. Simple and effective that's really is the main key in whole Japan it seems!
      Haha butt shower is pretty neat! :P Xx

  2. Kiki house! That makes me think of Kiki's Delivery Service! <3 // The staircase banister is such an interesting place to put a light switch! // The space looks perfect for yoga haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I know! My first impression was: Kiki's Delivery Service as well haha. Xx


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