Ghost town: Doelen

This is Doelen
Doelen is a tiny little village just outside Antwerp city and the last decades it is known as being an abandon village or referred as a ghost town. According to the latest counting there are more or less 20 residents in Doelen. There used to be more and the reason why residents move out is because of the nearby nuclear power plant (yikes) and the expansion of Antwerp City itself, hmmm. It`s a shame really and there are apparently plans going on in completely wiping out the entire village. Including the awesome graffiti artworks that have been sprayed on the abandon houses, which I think gives a little bit of a `soul` to the this ghost town Doelen.
This banner pretty much says that Doelen is habitant, do not vandalize and respect the property of the residents. One thing for sure it didn`t stop the graffiti artists to do their thing and personally I do not mind in this kind of setting. I like a good piece of art and this is one of the reason me and my bestie came for.
Such a weird contrast - an old Dutch windmill and a big steamy chimney on the background.

Anyway me and my bestie were first-timers here in Doelen or as how we Dutch people would say `disaster tourists` and we were not so sure what to expect. Apart that we were excited of course but the amount of disaster tourism including us is something we did not expect! I think there are more tourist people here then the actual residents. There were even families with children and a bus full of senior people who stopped by and took photo`s and such!
Lunch with your bestie at an industrial quayside with a view of a nuclear power plant. How wonderful! I mean it is something that we don`t see it everyday. Anyway the weather was great and for lunch we had: sandwiches that I`ve made, curry triangles, tea and fruit.
Don`t tell but my bestie here was a bit scared entering Doelen ha. Scared for abduction or such. And I was like, well don`t worry I got food and such to survive/bribe on
Entering the graffiti playground
We were hoping to find good graffiti artworks on the walls and houses.
I think this used to be the main street of the town?
And I think I have found my favorite piece of street art.
Even the cobblestones are lost.
More tourists!
This is a ghost house if you ask me really.
This used to be a gas station. Now a canvas for pro and amateur graffiti

This is pretty cool and creative with bottle caps.
I also liked this one a lot!
“Everybody Can Be Proud”
We have found one living facility! A pub! Alongside with the Dutch windmill from before which is by the way a lunchroom that was closed sadly and only open for certain of days and season.
Bummer because I`d love to try out some Doelen speciality.
Not vacant
As I`ve mentioned before Doelen has still some little resident left. You can tell by the look of the houses. It has no graffiti on it and looks kind of cosy too from the outside.
Goodbye Doelen!


  1. Wow! I've never seen anything quite like this, thank you for sharing!!
    Evie x
    My Little Online Space.

  2. Thank you Evie ^__^ and you're welcome! Xx

  3. Wow I would definitely love to explore this town! I am so intrigued by ghost towns. I haven't ever heard of or seen any pictures of a ghost town in Europe before, are there many of them? If there are, they will definitely go on my list of places to check out when I finally make it over to there :)

  4. If you have the chance to explore Doelen then do it before it's too late!! I don't know if there are many ghost towns in Europe. I'm sure there are enough of them :P but Doelen is the only ghost town I know that is also not so far away from my hometown!

  5. I've enjoyed reading your post xx


  6. It's so pretty. The place reminds me of Wind Gap (the fictional town in Sharp Objects).

    Theoretical Girl🌙

  7. Thank you so much ^___^ glad you enjoyed reading my post!

  8. I don't think I've ever heard of the term "disaster tourist" before haha :D // I think I would have to visit a place like this with a big group of friends so that I wouldn't feel scared! All the graffiti is so cool though. I could definitely see myself being a tourist here haha... // I wonder what it's like to live in a ghost town, and I wonder what it's like to run a business in a ghost town :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha yeah 'disaster tourist' is something literally translate from the Dutch :')
      This ghost town was interesting and daunting but luckily we weren't alone and it was at bright daylight c: Xx


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