Nakamise Shopping Street

Taitō City/台東区
On a special request of my aunt we went to this specific area of Tokyo called Taito City. My aunt has a good eye on good things so we fully trust my aunt that this area wont disappoint us. But then again when you are in Tokyo already will it ever disappoints you?

Sensōji Temple
Sensōji/浅草寺 temple is also a Buddhist temple and apparently a popular temple too because the crowd was immense here and I`m sure Tokyo is loaded with temples. Anyways here a fun and interesting legend about this temple and it starts in the year 628 when two brothers fished a statue of Kannon - the Goddess of mercy from the Sumida River. The two brothers threw back the statue in the river but it always returned to them. Kind of creepy and because of this the Sensōji temple was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. It is also the oldest temple of Tokyo.

Behind the temple you`ll find a 200 m long shopping street, also know the Nakamise Shopping street.
So what shall we buy/eat first?
Artisan rice crackers.
But first
A little refreshment! It was 40°C that day and extremely sunny.
⮝How to keep your food cool. Just place them on a huge ice block!

Anyway I got myself a bowl of shaved ice with matcha flavour. It was incredibly good!⮟
And I`m a creep
I`m a huge fan of the Japanese traditional clothing: the yukata and so I was admiring and taking photo`s of random people in yukata. #notacreep
What do you
want to buy?
pair of sandals?
flowers? Dishes? Or a bit of both?
I went a bit nuts and bought a good amount of wooden goodies here.

Ginza Brazil
Lunch time at a truly full on retro style Japanese pub for a good ol` Japanese pub food!

We`ve actually found this place by accident and even though the place looks outdated which I don`t mind because I really admire the retro charisma here. And most importantly the food here is pretty tasty!
our food
- ice tea & coffee
- classic spaghetti Bolognese
- sandwich `tonkatsu`
- sandwich `vegetarian`
my haul
Just the necessary souvenirs.
next stop!


  1. 40 degrees is ridiculously hot and also the crowds at the temple look insane!!

    The decor at the restaurant looks really nice (and I might even say trendy now haha)

    1. Japan this summer was extremely and a bit abnormal hot and humid!
      The restaurant is so retro it's trendy and hip haha. I'd love to come
      back here again :) Xx

  2. Ohmy! Love your Japan posts so much <3

  3. Thank you Mei めい ^__^ Glad to read you are enjoying it! Xx

  4. I would eat SO much ice cream and shaved ice in that heat!! // Ooh I'd love to get myself one of those little porcelain(?) dishes! So prettyy -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I bought a few of those cuuute porcelain (?) dishes c: they are my teabag holders at home! Xx


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