Shopping in Tokyo

Buns (melon pan/メロンパン) as breakfast bought from my beloved 24/7 convenient stores that I miss so dearly. The coffee here in Japan I find somehow bland, watery and not aromatic for some reason. I don`t know what do you think?
Everyday metro riding is getting quite expensive actually.
And the everyday similar views outside my metro window never bores me.

Our first stop: Ueno. Ueno district is the home of the panda`s at the famed Ueno Zoo but we didn`t see them. Instead we went shopping. Like the rest of the busy districts of Tokyo Ueno is also home of the many shops and malls with the inevitable people crowd, making the day extra warm and humid than it already was - sigh. Luckily we hopped in a large 10 floored department store where they literally sell almost everything. We came here to check out the gadgets, devices and other cool electronics that Japan is famous for.
BIC CAMERA - ビックカメラ
For all gadgetlovers out there you can pour your heart out at this amazing department store. At least I did.
So even though Japan is well known for the design of nifty futuristic devices #fangirl I`ve also noticed that Japan holds dear to the past. The nostalgia vibe is quite big here in Japan. You can still buy cassette players and cd players with ease as I also know that selling physical music records such as the cd is still big over
Kawaii mini rice cookers!
And of course (miniature) toys.
Yep, the innerchild in me was definitely out.
Buns. Again.
Bread is life. A life without bread is just awful don`t you agree? So buns again, buns always!
Next stop: Shibuya/渋谷
Shibuya - a district often refers as the beating heart of Tokyo with malls, restaurants, big neon banners, energetic nightlife and of course the prominent intersection where the endless stream of people crossing over. I was there. Shibuya is also pretty much the birthplace of fashion and trends so nothing here is too crazy or bore you.
lets cross over!

Vintage or thrift, I was in heaven.
And a couple hours later...
Tokyo has amazing like really amazing vintage and thrift shops. I mean, it is everywhere and the shops I`ve been so far are neatly organised.
As a results I have bought a white lace dress, shorts and a yukata #worthit

Cat Street
Then I think I was in Harajuku/原宿 area here in the Cat Street. Cat Street is apparently a hipster street with trendy shops and despite the name, I didn`t spot a single cat here sadly. But still, I think Cat Street is one of my favorite streets I have wandered around in Tokyo.
One of my favorite Japanese clothing brand is Uniqlo and of course I have to visit an Uniqlo here in Tokyo as well. Here I have bought a t-shirt with the naughty Cookie Monster from Sesame Street on it.
Moving on to yukata fitting! And scoring one as well.
At the big yellow M
At the good ol` yellow M for the ebi burger (shrimp burger) with spicy fries that you need to add the spicy powder yourself along with the fries to give it a good shake in a paper bag. Then I have washed it down with overly sweet fruit punch. Normally I avoid Mcdonald`s but somehow the Asia Mcdonald`s are fascinating!
Beautiful fruit
Fruit is a serious business in Japan. It appears to be sweeter and looks amazing! And I can tell because I had melons, peaches (so good!), more melons, banana`s, apples and so on and so on.
Strolling around a supermarket at the fruit section is also fun too.
Not sure if I have mentioned it before but Japan is not very tolerant in the use of plastic and wrappers. It is pretty much everywhere and in everything. Yes, it looks beautiful and neat but definitely not Mother Nature best friend. Like this banana, like why?
Closes at 8.00 PM
Even the big shops but some stays open to 9 PM.
Ending my day in Tokyo at a place where I`ve started the day: 24/7 convenient store where I bought a little night snack. Goodnight!


  1. Mei!! I had no idea that you were still posting. Your posts haven't been showing upon my bloglovin feed :( will need to catch up

    The melon is ridiculous! And unnecessary. Did you find the fruit to be exxy? The buns all look so delicious

    1. Natalie!! I am still posting but supersuper slow :P thank you for not forgetting me though!!
      I have to keep up with my readers feed to :c anyways!
      And the 'normal' fruit at the supermarket and market were ok but the highend fruit in
      wrappings and such were expensive! That single banana was a buck! And #lovebuns :D

    2. That is alright :) The last post that I can find on my feed is from September and thought you had quit blogging (find a lot of my fave bloggers have stopped this year :( )

      A dollar is ridiculous! Haha.. Looking forward to reading more about the rest of your Asia trip

    3. Yeah, Bloglovin also shows that my last post was the September one which is odd
      and another odd thing is that Bloglovin can't seem to find my blog as well, hence
      the reason why nothing is showing on my stats and such. Hmmm! Anyway that doesn't
      matter :P
      I've also noticed that some of the bloggers that I regular read and visit has quit


  2. I love the food at the little convenience stores everywhere - yummm

  3. I'm the same as Natalie -- I was missing your posts because they weren't showing up on Bloglovin', but I'm working on catching up with them now! <33

    50oC??! I can't even imagine what that feels like! 30oC is already very uncomfortable for me, and I don't know how I would deal with 40oC. I was never great with dealing with the heat, especially when I was young, but we would always visit Taiwan in the summer when it was hot, so I remember my parents taking me and my brothers to department stores all the time to use their a/c!

    Wow I haven't seen a cassette player in so long! You know what I want? A portable CD/DVD player!! I have a CD that I bought from a street performer and I've never listened to it because I don't have a CD player. I've had my current laptop for 4+ years and this one doesn't have a slot for a CD/DVD, but my previous laptop did. I never thought that I would miss it because I could hardly remember ever using it!

    I've visited Japan quite a few times, but I've neverrrr checked out a thrift store before. In the States, thrift stores are very disorganised and difficult to sift through, but if you have the patience, you can find some nice stuff!

    Ooh the shaky fries!!! I had those once in HK yearsss ago and I loved it sooooo much. Dang, now I'm really craving it haha.

    The banana wrapper omg!!!! I feel like it's a meme...

    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Awwww! Thanks for returning to me even though nothing was showing on Bloglovin'. I don't know why my blogposts doesn't show up still at Bloglovin' - sigh anyways!

      You should buy a portable cd-player ^__^
      At Muji there's a cd-player that you can actually mount it on the wall and looks so cool! I still want to buy that one but it's a bit pricey....
      Yes, I have a laptop too where no cd/dvd player is build in which I do miss sometimes because I still listen to music cd's.
      High-5 shaky-fries lover haha :D Xx


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