Hello Hokkaido! Lets eat!

bye Tokyo
but not forever
Whilst on the plane to Hokkaido I think I`ve spot the mighty Mount Fuji from my plane window! I`m 99,9% sure of it but my family doesn`t think so but I still think this vague shadow on the background is Mount Fuji. According to Louise (hi!!) from https://0023am.net/ it is supposed to make you lucky on your trip when you see Fuji-san from the plane. I haven`t seen mount Fuji from a closer point and I still want to but seeing Fuji-san from the sky I do feel blessed!
This was my breakfast by the way: a peanut butter sandwich (not good), a hot cuppa matcha (very nice!) and a rice cracker (yum!).
We really left Tokyo huh?
I`ve decided to pamper my support system.

New Chitose Airport

The New Chitose Airport is actually pretty nice and quite entertaining too and there`s enough shops and food places. Me and my family couldn`t even decide which restaurant we should pick for lunch.
rice bowls & saké 5/5
Eventually we have lunch at Donburi Chaya. Donburi is also a name for a Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of fish, meat or veggies with rice and I`m already mouthwatering by just looking at the silicone examples at the
Ok, so there was no English menu but luckily the menu had pictures and made my choice for a rice bowl easy. And guys this rice bowl with the most fresh seafood and rice was mindblowing delicious!!
They say that Japan has the oldest life expectancy in the world. Well I think I know why.

Smile Road

See, I told you that The New Chitose Airport is entertaining! Unless you don`t like Sanrio characters and themed food.
Library for Doraemon fans.
Silicone food! Not only adorbs but it`s makes you want to keep on ordering food and eating.
Chocolate, milk & buns
Next to the Smile Road there`s Royce Chocolate with their shops and even a little chocolate factory where you can peek at the chocolate making and process. Quite interesting!
Since I`m in Hokkaido region where milk is famous over here I must try out their soft serve and milk of course.
It`s so creamy!
So our first stop in Hokkaido region is a town called Asahikawa. We took a bus ride to get there.
This bus ride to Asahikawa was one of my most relaxing bus ride ever and I don`t even like bus rides. Plus the bus was so clean!!
The views here in Hokkaido are so different from Tokyo.
So I got curious and bought this clear latte drink but it`s actually not that great.
By the time we arrived Asahikawa it was already dark and it was time for dinner. Near our hotel there was a nightmarket with food stands.
Well lucky us!
Lengthy long fries. I love it.
Then we went to a foodcourt. I was craving for takoyaki which are octopus meatballs. My family too and so we ordered a bunch with different kind of toppings. It was an octopus party!
And lastly I`ve learned what the house rules are of Japanese food court: you don`t leave the trays behind on the table when you finished eating but you bring it back to the counter of where you ordered the food. I didn`t know the first time and made us look like we are unruly tourists...


  1. That looks like Mount Fuji to me! Oooh all that food look sooo good!

    1. Hehe thanks for the conformation :P the food was so so GOOD!! I really miss it, especially the super fresh seafood! Xx

  2. ahhhh all the food! I definitely have Hokkaido on my to-go list. I'd love to go in the winter and have a proper winter holiday. but now i'm going to have to add "eat all the food," too!

    1. We were in Hokkaido in the Summer holiday and it was so hot and humid, but apparently Hokkaido is very pretty in the Winter too ^__^ Plus i bet the hotpot in the Winter is very nice too! Xx

  3. So much food! I would love to have a wonder around that night market.

    1. You can't really ignore the food in Japan :P I mean it's food everywhere!

  4. Always happy reading Japan travel blog posts!
    I love Hokkaido milk anyway :D


    1. Thank you dear Mei ^__^ and Hokkaido milk is so creamy! Xx

  5. My dad always tries to get a window seat on the plane so that he can take photos through the window! When I met up with my parents in Hawaii, they flew from China and had a layover in Japan, and I'm sure that my dad got some photos :P // Even though my family and I have visited Japan quite a few times, I don't think we've ever visited Hokkaido before. One of my best friends really wants to visit one day and keeps telling me that we should go together sometime eventually hehe. // One of my brother has taken Japanese classes in school before, so whenever we visit Japan, we always ask him to read things for us. Unfortunately, he's not at an advanced level yet, so we still have to guess quite a bit. My parents also guess from their knowledge of Chinese :P I think learning Japanese vocabulary for food would be the most important thing to prep for a trip to Japan ;D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I like window seats but with long flights I prefer the seat at the isle. That way I can go to the toilet whenever I want without minding and asking the person sitting next to me...
      Hokkaido was my first time and I like it because it's a lot quiet and more country side than Tokyo for example ^__^ wintertime seems to be wonderful here too.
      My Japanese is really low and I learned it mostly from watching movies and anime ha... The English in Japan overall is not really well established... Luckily some Japanese writing is similar to Chinese so my family gets something from it of what it's written on...

    2. hehe I prefer the aisle seat as well, for the same reason!

  6. What a wonderful trip it must have been ♥ Would like to see it on my own◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜

    Blog de la Licorne

    1. Thank you!! If you have the chance to visit Japan go visit Hokkaido region too ^__^ Xx

  7. All the food, you certainly know how to vacation properly!

  8. Japanese food is nice and mostly very healthy. I like to see how they pack and decorate their food.

    1. Japanese food is so clean and pure and I think that's partly why most Japanese people are healthy. Plus the decoration is brilliant! Xx


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