My last chapter of 2018

of course! Food! dur
The last weeks of December is always in the center of food! Heck yes! Throughout the year I`m a good eater or at least I think I am and eat healthy, balanced and happy as possible throughout the year. Cheat days on the weekends and no refined sugar in the weekdays. That`s the rule of an good eater but the last weeks of December this rule went straight out the window. It was everyday cheat day! Like every year.

Anyway I`d like to sum up my 2018 with highlights of 2018 within this post too!
Almost everything homemade except the Dutch veggie `bitterballen` snack.
My Christmas menu at home. Already brainstorming and writing down recipe 4 weeks ahead.
My first time ever making salted chocolate lava cakes in the shape of baubles and it`s a good one! It`s also glutenfree too and I`m planning to release a recipe soon so you can have (glutenfree) lava cakes anytime and
any day.
top books
• The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
• A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini
(I know, just two! I tend to read more in 2019 - recommendation are welcome!)
Christmas dinner at work.
top movies
• Birdman (2014)
• A Quiet Place
• Brigsby Bear (2017)
• Captain Fantastic (2016)
• Gifted (2017)
• Isle of Dogs (2018)
• What Happend to Monday (2017)

oliebollen test
My country has a few New Years Eve traditions like eating the Dutch deep fried `oliebollen`. Basically it`s bread dough + raisins shaped in balls and dropped in hot oil for deep fry. Once everything is cooked you may sprinkle powdered sugar on top and there you go and no it doesn`t really taste like doughnuts.

I like to eat them because 1. it`s deep fried 2. it`s filling and 3. it`s comfort food. History goes that oliebollen back then are meant to be as extra nutrition for people in the extreme harsh Dutch Winter weathers.

Nowadays the Winter in Holland is between 5 and 10C degrees which is okay. Each year there`s a national oliebollen test in Holland looking which bakery has the best oliebollen in town. I`ve decided to create my own little oliebollen test myself and have a little fun and indulge.
My oliebollen came from 2 bakeries, 1 supermarket, 1 department store and 1 random oliebollen stand.
Gijs en Mien
My winner: Gijs en Mien! They are from a local bakery near my hometown and their oliebollen were so fluffy and soft inside, not dry but also not soaked in oil and the coating was crispy. I had high expectation from Gijs en Mien bakery because there were lines forming outside their tiny bakery and lines are usually a good sign.
Thankfully these lines were not deceiving at all.
final verdict

‣ Bakker Bart: 7,5 (pretty tasty, good amount of raisin and is there cinnamon/spice init?)
‣ Hema: 6 (dry)
‣ Jumbo: 7,2 (an above average supermarket oliebol)
‣ the random oliebollen stand: 5 (too oily, soggy and weird aftertaste in mouth)
“baby you're a firework” - Katy Perry

top 2018
• My Asia road trip to Hong Kong, Japan and China
• getting a permanent job contract
• feeling more confident in driving a car and handeling the manual gear shifting
• my DIY project on the round straw bag
• Meeting up with my cousin and her family from UK in Amsterdam and seeing her babies for the very first time
 o yay popcorn! Thanks John Altman!
In my attic. It looks like I`m witnessing a bomb or something.
Wishing you all a blissful and healthy 2019!


  1. Replies
    1. That should be no problem, thank hun! I wish you a wonderful carefree with lots of fun adventures of you and your horses and loved ones!

  2. First of all, your new blog design looks so good! It's so clean and easy to browse, but still has those lovely personal touches from your previous design :) // Every day all year is cheat day for me hahhh // I haven't read The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns yet, but they're classics that I've been meaning to read! There are sooo many classics that I've been meaning to read, but I never seem to get around to them because I know they'll always be there, whereas I usually get caught up in the hype of new releases :P // I watched Isle of the Dogs for the first time whilst traveling this winter! The construction was so unique. I watched What Happened to Monday when I stumbled upon it whilst browsing Netflix haha. I enjoy dystopian stories and this one was no exception! // Love the oliebollen test haha. I've been wanting to do a test like that for egg tarts in Philly :3 // Congrats on getting a permanent job contract! & Your DIY straw bag was genius! Happy New Year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Awww thank you hun! I love my new blog layout, especially my header that I drew as but the blog is still not finished yet :P html + css coding is quite a pain in the bum.
      Anyways! I want to read Crazy Rich Asians, Me Before you, Lolita and Inferno and I might want to reread Harry Potter III lol... Quite different genres right here!
      Speaking of dystopian, I've been watching The Handmaids Tale lately and it's a dystopian drama based of a novel and despite that it's a dystopian based story, I enjoy this interesting story! You should totally do the egg tart challenge haha, or maybe we can do it together someday! Xx

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful year. I hope 2019 is super amazing too!

    1. That's so sweet of you, thank you! 2018 was a good year and I'm grateful for that. I'm wishing the same for 2019 and the same thing for you of course! Xx


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