A 6-course meal experience // Kale & de Bril


I don't eat a course that is longer than 3 that often. I want 平靚正/peng leng zheng/affordable-beautiful-food food you see.
I`m a comfort food eater, a streetfood lover, food truck seeker and a sweet tooth. But last month I was at restaurant Kale & de Bril, a French styled cuisine and quite fancy for my standard but even so they had a special 6-course menu for a special price offer! All thanks to my foodie-colleague notice who was also my foodie-partner this time at my first 6-course menu ever at Kale & de Bril (translation: Bald & the Glasses. Ha). This might be a 平靚正 experience afterall!  

Ik eet niet zo vaak een gangenmenu die langer is dan 3. Ik wil 平靚正// peng leng zheng/ betaalbaar-mooi-goed eten zie je. Ik ben een comfort foodie, een liefhebber van streetfood, een foodtruck avonturier en een zoetekauw. Maar vorige maand was ik te gast bij restaurant Kale & de Bril, gespecialiseerd in de Franse keuken en best wel chic voor mijn doen eigenlijk. Maar toch hadden ze een speciaal 6-gangenmenu voor een speciale prijs. Deze kreeg ik via een foodie-collega te horen die tevens mijn foodie-partner werd bij mijn eerste 6-gangen menu bij Kale & de Bril. Spannend! Wellicht wordt dit alsnog een 平靚正 ervaring!
voor Nederlandse
Amuse-bouche (or just amuse) is French for “mouth amuser” which pretty much means to amuse you before the real meal or course starts with a small bite. Like a canapé. At Kale & de Bril we got welcomed by some nice crispy papadums with sweet potato spread and a cute little cup with cod and mango gel and something else but I forgot what`s in it... but importantly
it was a yummy start!
the 6-course menu
- smoked Oosterschelde eel w/ crème fraîche, seaweed and cabbage
- leek w/ chervil, potato and chamomile
- brill fish w/ cranberry, celery in beurre blanc sauce
- halibut fish w/ chicory, parsley root and mandarin
- a cheeseboard w/ ginger mango chutney & crackers (wine optional)
- pineapple w/ almond, coffee, mascarpone ice cream
Total damage: €63,- (incl. drinks)
But first we got instructed to clean our palate with a salad and a special yellow flower called `szechuan button`. We finished our apple and red beet salad first and lastly we chewed on this szechuan button. O boy. This flower created some mouth sensation and made my mouth tingle, electrify and for a better describe: it taste like a 10-volt minty battery. This flower certainly cleaned my palate for sure.
A lovely plate with smoked eel and seaweed from Oosterschelde. Those are dollop crème fraîche, foamy mousse made from fish bones and on top toasted grain. This was my colleague`s favorite course of all 6.

This is my favorite course of all! Maybe because of the main ingredients that are just the humble leek and potato. Two simple daily ingredients upgraded and sitting on a green chamomile infused soup and it`s 100% vegetarian too. Yup, it`s my favorite.

Mhmm, potato cracklings on top.
The 3rd course is brill and it`s a juicy piece of fish. Loving the vibrant color of the tangy sweet cranberry sauce on top of the fish. With underneath not rice but a pasta type called orzo. Quite delicious! This 3rd is a great follow up to the 4th course which is also a fish dish.
Originally the 4th course suppose to be veal but since I`m a pescatarian that doesn`t eat meat except fish this 4th course is replaced with a halibut. Another juicy fish and oh boy it is such a treat eating so many good fish this evening. Furthermore on the plate I found chicory and mandarin sauce. Chicory is a fine bittersweet vegetable (bunny loves eating them) and the mandarin sauce I kind of forgot how it tasted like but overall this dish was good!
Fries are often served as a garnish/side dish with your main course in The Netherlands. So when the main is about to get served I also look forward for the alongside fries! Sometimes free with your main at some restaurants and sometimes not (€3,50).
We are heading towards the end of this indulging 6-course meal. This 5th course is a cheeseboard with crackers and chutney spread. I like cheese but I don`t like hard block cheese. Like those cubic sized cheese blocks on a toothpick. I really don`t like that and the idea to eat it all in once it is just too much cheese in my mouth. Yuck. And so when this cheeseboard got served and I spotted this piece of hard cheese in the middle I wasn`t to thrilled. Anyways lets be a good brave foodblogger, say cheese and smile.

We were instructed to eat the cheeseboard from left to right first. On the left was goat cheese and I like goat cheese! At least that`s a good cheeseboard-start. A fun fact: this goat cheese is pickled in the ashes of vines in France and yup it`s a fancy pants goat cheese. The second cheese is a hard one and even though I don`t like hard cheese blocks this chreve cheese wasn`t so bad but as predicted my least favourite of all. And lastly this one is a soft German red cheese, made from an artisan cheese farmer since 1899.

Final course, the dessert! Often my favorite course to end my meal and so this one too. Here we have grilled pineapple, almond ice cream, mascarpone cream, dots of the familiar mango gel and a French macaron cookie. My colleague isn`t a sweettooth plus she was full and offered her part. FYI, I`ll gladly and always eat anyone's leftover dessert so thank you so much! And so this 6-course has ended with an even bigger smile on my face.

I wish there was another dessert course though. Or replace the cheeseboard with a refreshing dessert, like a sorbet but this all depends on anyone`s taste and choice of course.
But my inner-sweettooth would have appreciated it for sure.
Kale & de Bril
ADDRESS: Piet Heinstraat 3A, 4461 GL, GOES - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••• 3/5
SERVICE: •••• 4/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5


  1. This all looks so fancy! I would definitely need someone to guide me on how to eat each course haha. I'm with you on getting seconds for desserts :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. We get instructions/little story tell with each course which was something interesting, fun and awkward at the same time because usually we just get our food served and that's it. But then again I don't eat a fancy 6-course meal all the time either :P Xx


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