I smelled melon and ate lavender in Japan


Countryside Hokkaido has many beautiful and delicious things to offer! I've never been to Hokkaido before until now of course but since I'm born and raised from the countryside in Holland myself, Hokkaido welcomed me like a friendly neighbour. Today let me take you to the lavenders and the produce that Hokkaido is famous for. 

Platteland Hokkaido heeft veel mooie en heerlijke dingen te bieden! Ik was er nog nooit eerder geweest tot nu dan. Aangezien ikzelf geboren en getogen ben op het Zeeuwse platteland verwelkomde Hokkaido me als een vriendelijke buurman. Vandaag neem ik jullie mee naar de lavendel en de producten waar Hokkaido beroemd om is.
voor Nederlandse
and snacks for on the go! It will be nearly a 2 hours train ride.
Like a Ghibli movie
Trains of Japan makes me think of my favorite and detailed Japanese animation movies from Ghibli Studio. Or it`s the scenery through the train windows that makes me throwback to my childhood of all my Ghibli adventures. Either way, the train ride to the lavender fields and the melon farm was peaceful! #dreamin
pit stop
A little pit stop at arrival of destination with a restroom break and filling up our belly with ramen from the little station food kiosk that`s run it`s by an old Japanese lady. After we ready`d ourself we head towards the lavender fields by walk.

Simple vegetarian ramen in salty MSG broth with a runny yolk.
We have a tourist map of the area but we end up following other tourists that we sensed that they are going to the lavender farm too. Plus the trails of lavenders on the side roads also led us to Choei Lavander Farm.
⛛Choei Lavander Farm
We have made it! So this lavender field is grown on a steep hill. I know, it doesn`t look that steep but it really was and I can tell because I walked all the way to the top. There was an easy way and option to go to the top and that`s by taking the ski-lift thingy. Not for me and my family who just love to hike and explore unknown places like this Choei Lavender Farm. Even when it was like 40°C weather + sun shining heavy down on you back then.

The lavender soft serve at the end was a really nice refreshing reward.
Staircase to....

Halfway the hike we spotted this observation hut and we decided to take a break and be in awe of the Hokkaido nature. It was so surreal!
What a neat park.
This lavender field looks all full blooming but because of the extremely hot Summer weather, a lot of the lavender were dried out or lost a bit of the vibrant purple colours. Nonetheless it still looks lovely (with slight PS retouch) and also this was my first lavender field sightseeing too.
Perhaps this picture gives you an idea of how steep this purple hill was.
Mission complete. We reached the top. Time to shoot and take a breather.
My lavender soft serve was refreshing alright but the taste of lavender was so subtle that it left me disappointing.
Sweet melon air
Then it was time to leave Choei Lavender Farm and head to Tomita Melon House which is touristy place where melon is the main attraction and ingredient. And because melon is in my top-3 favorite fruit I was pretty excited! Especially since I`m in region Hokkaido where lots of produce grows and are famous for being sweet and juicy. It is countryside overall. We walked from Choei Lavendel Farm to Tomita Melon house roughly in 15 min.

⛛ Tomita Melon House 
This little melon paradise has shops with different categories in it`s own melon-specialty. Like there`s a bakery, dessert, souvenir shop, restaurant (with other food) and a playground too.
My Melon Cravings
melon pan ¥270
soft serve ¥350
cookies ¥270
a slice of melon ¥300
This 300 yen ($2,70) melon slice is by far my most expensive one, but it sure is hella juicy!
I really want to try out these melon flavoured popcorn but my sugar level is maxed out am afraid.


  1. I did not realise that it was known for its lavender fields! So so gorgeous and it looks like it was such a lovely sunny day

    1. I didn't know either, I just followed my aunts travel instinct :')
      and it was a sunny hot day! Xx

  2. It was so lovely to see your photos! They made me miss my trip to Japan! The lavender fields look amazing and I bet they smelled even better!


    1. Same here, I miss Japan and I want to revisit it in the future ^__^
      The lavenders were wonderful and made my day a lot less stressy too c: Xx

  3. Ohhh my, I completely missed your layout revamp! Het ziet er zo goed uit! En ik houd zo veel van je Japan recaps, dit doet me denken aan het park op een eiland dat bekend stond om z'n olijven: just like met die lavendel softserve had ik daar olijven softserve waar ook die smaak zo subtiel... :p

    Maar wat heerlijk, die geur op die heuvel van lavendel lijkt me echt onvergetelijk en geweldig!!

    1. Heyyyy meis!
      En dankjewel :D ik ben ook heel blij met m'n blog layout ^_^ de header met de ijsjes zijn zo cute! Mijn Japanese blogpost komt langzaam op gang :') ik ben echt mega slowpoke met ze te posten. Olijven softserve wil ik absoluut een keer proberen :o !! Subtiel of niet c:
      Deze lavendel heuvel bij Furano is machtig mooi. Ik zou daar nog een keer en nog een keer en nog een keer heen willen Xx

  4. Oh my gosh! So much food! I've only heard of the Hokkaido cheese tarts before. And everything is so picturesque.

    1. It was food food and food! Hokkaido dairy are famous :) Xx


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