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HP x360 Spectre (2017)
Having the Sony Vaio laptop be my side for 8-9 years, it was really time to switch to a newer, faster and lighter model. I`ve looked up at techy articles for references and used the for comparison in devices. One thing for sure I was not going to pick Apple #teamwindows. I let my eye fall on the sleek and beautifully design x360 Spectre line from HP. My favorite feature: the hinges! They just look so neat and overall this x360 Spectre line has really beautifully designed laptops in my opinion with good specification that suits my search of a newer, faster and lighter model. Eventually the HP x360 Spectre (13-ae005nd) in rose gold colour became my new sidekick. I`ve been using it for 9 months now and I want to share my pro`s and con`s of this laptop.
There`s a fingerprint scanner too though I haven`t activated mine yet.
- touchscreen
- fast enough for me to use PS, Spotify and multiple websites at the same time
- battery life
- Bang & Olufsen soundbox
- build-in mini sd-card reader
- free laptop sleeve
- a smooth and firm feel
- good price & quality rate
- only 1 USB port
- no stylus pen included
Love the light up keyboard too.
My other pink weapons.


  1. I'm team Apple but this laptop is pretty!! I remember seeing it a lot before when influencers were promoting them. Also, I love that your other tech accessories match in colour! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I didn't know influencers were using HP :o thought that Apple was more popular amongst influencers/creative peeps :P Xx


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