Coo&Riku Cat Café

I`m a huge huge cat lover and friend and when I was in Japan last Summer I`ve visited a small cat café at pet shop Coo & RIKU. I also know that Japan is cat loving country. Think Hello Kitty and the `Maneki-neko/招き猫` (Good Luck Cat) with her moving paw, I`m 100% sure I will find happy, beautiful and playful cats in Japan.
But also dogs as well!
After a quick research on the www I`ve learned that Coo & RIKU is a chain pet shop in Japan. They only sell dogs and cats and as customers or just merely visiting the shop you can see and pet them at the shops. There`s also a barber shop and a cat café where you can relax, read books while being amongst the cats!
I have to admit that the pet shop smelled like animals and cat food.
Cat Café
15 min in heaven
The time that you want to spend in their cat café is up to you. You can choose 1 hour stay, 30 min or 15 min. With the stated fees of course. I wasn`t able to stay any longer than 15 min because I had a dinner meeting with my family but I thought the service was cute though. Just like the timer that they gave me.
Some house rules like taking your shoes off and use slippers. Just like at our home.
Meet the cats
And they are sooooo cute!! Not only the ordinary tabby house cats are there but also those cats that are IG worthy ones. Ugh the 15 min short was just too short.
A friendly cat lady here.
The cat café was relatively small but cozy with lots of wood interior. There are lots of books and manga`s available too and you can also drink tea and buy snacks for the cats as well.
ネコ ♥


  1. They're adorable - what a lovely way to spend 15 minutes of your time

    1. Yessss! A sweet treat for every cat loving person ^____^ Xx

  2. I don't know if I'd want to eat in a place that smells too heavily of animals and animal food, but I'd totally go just to see the cats and dogs, and not eat! So many cutiessss. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Yeah true, luckily the cat café area is closed off from the shop so I didn't smell to much of the animal smell :P Xx


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