Kat & Schotel cat café

voor Nederlandse
Kat & Schotel
My second visit at cat café Kat & Schotel (means: cat & saucer) was a small lunch break and cuddle time with cats! Two of my favorite things combined together for a happy face and belly guarantee! I was here extra early knowing that the place is small and making sure I had a seat with table.
This is Angel a 9-year old feline whose name has changed to Eedo. Why? I don`t know but I still think she`s an angel and she loves sitting on peoples lap!
f o o d
It`s a good thing I came early because as you can see there were 2 tables reserved for high tea. If all seats were taken there is still an outdoor area if you like to enjoy a cup of tea outside amongst the cats.
Hey Angel! She came to me after my grilled cheese with tomato came. She also turned her butt right into my face too. Uh thanks? I was curious what this odd cat behavior was and it appears all to be positive! Cats show their butts when they are looking for affection, a cuddle or simply because they are hungry. I`m not sure what Angel wanted (probably the grilled cheese) but she was really sweet and loving company.
Meet the cats!
Eric, Daru and Puri
This is Joy and cute fluffy lady cat!
This is Eric and he appears to be the dominant of all cats here.
This is Puri and he`s looks like Garfield!
This is Siva (the diva) and the oldest feline in the cat café.
Time to pay!


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