Food in Asahikawa/旭川市

voor Nederlandse
100% vegetable fresh udon
Hokuhokutei- 北々亭
A sushi place. With other Japanese specialties such as udon and desserts.
We sat at a table with all condiment needs and hot water within hand reach and there`s the familiar sushi conveyor belt right next to us.
Apart the fresh sushi that we can take from the belt we want to order sushi and other food from the menu as well. There was no English menu available and the staff, how sweet and wonderful they were can`t speak English either. Hm. But family can read Chinese and since Chinese characters are similar to Japanese we were able getting food that we wanted. Even if you can`t read anything there was pictures so you can just point it out anyways.
壽司 (sushi)
This was our second sushi place stay in Japan. I think the one back Chitose Airport - Hokkaido was better but overall the sushi in Japan is just good already: sweet and fresh seafood.

Chilled sake for uncle. Good choice in the hot and humid Summer Japan.
white water please
⏶ I`ve shared this dessert with auntie called `warabimochi with chestnut and cream. The mochi which are sticky rice cake were so soft and delicious! This dish was only ¥190/$1,70!

⏷ The smallest creamer I`ve ever held in my hand.
What`s there to eat inside the new AEON mall? Well, a lot! Though as for vegetarian amongst us there are not so many options. This was overal my struggle during my stay in Japan.
ah the croissant taiyaki in matcha flavour what a fond memory. I`ve mentioned this before in previous post and it`s just very tasty!
I`ve sworn never ever ever buying ready-made sushi from the fridge again because it only leads to disappointment. For Japan I`ve made an exception and got myself my favorite sushi, the unagi nigiri (smoked eel).
It tasted quite fresh and reminds me of the sushi back home ha. Not entirely disappointed!
I look satisfied but not because of this milktea bubble tea that was too sweet and not that good.
A cheesebun from Délifrance.
Café lovers at Doutor café.
Mister Donut 
A doughnut place franchise that was founded by America but moved the HQ and sells to Asia. Nowadays there`s only one shop in USA (Illinois) left. Mister Donut, when are you putting stores in Holland?
Pillowly chewy doughnuts. Simple and just so good.
⏶ I wanted more and tried their puff pastry with veggie filling. Delicious!

⏷ I`ve always wanted to try out this doughnut called an old fashioned doughnut. It tasted like as I would expected: cakey/cookie texture. I didn`t enjoyed as much as the normal doughnuts honestly.


  1. Hmm, that's not what I know as "old fashioned" donuts, I'm sorry that you didn't like them, they're one of my favorites. The other donuts look delish!

    7% Solution

    1. It's my first old fashioned doughnuts :P and it's not that I don't like them but I prefer the modern? fashioned one more c: Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you c: I hope you like Japanese food as much as I do!

  3. Mmmm that sushi looks so good!

    1. Yeahhh! Sushi in Japan are really something!
      After the sushi in Japan, the ones back at home are like meh, haha... :P Xx

  4. Even though we travel with our phones and have translation apps, for some reason my family and I still always have trouble ordering at restaurants without English menus :P But my parents are also able to guess Japanese characters with their knowledge of Chinese characters! // The warabimochi looks soooo good. I wanna try it!! All the taiyaki looks so good too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha, it's always handy if you know a bit of Chinese characters. I used to watch a lot of anime's in Japanese and remembered a few phrases here and there ha.

  5. OMGG this entire post made me so hungry!!!
    Oreleona | BLISS de la Leona


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