Mount Moiwa 藻岩山

We could have hiked from our hotel to mount. Moiwa but then I`m just going to blame convenience and took the free shuttle bus.
Then we bought tickets for the ropeway up to the tops of mount Moiwa! I really love these rides in heights.

For a second this looked like a roller coaster.
Gosh I am so tanned here and I really applied sunscreen everyday!
Mount Moiwa-藻岩山
Once arrival, the sun started setting down already and it was twilight hour. I thought it was gorgeous seeing the shadows, the soft orange glow and play of mountain dew (not the soda) around the mountains and I wanted to stay here for hours just staring at this mountain view. It was so peaceful on mount Moiwa and felt I was glowing myself too standing here. Or it was because of the hot weather that me sweat like mad.
Mount Moiwa facts

1. it`s a dead volcano where the last eruption happend 230 million years
2. there`s an observatorium and ski-resort and apparently a fancy pants restaurant but we didn`t eat there
3. Mount Moiwa is 5km away from Sapporo city
4. it offers home to 41 trees, 54 kinds of bushes and 12 vines.
5. back in the Meiji-era mount Moiwa was believed to be located on Holy Land. When the mountain was roaring, it warned as a sign of the outbreak of a large snowstorm or smallpox.
Behind the 1,9 million city Sapporo.
Twilight hour
Observation deck with love locks.

A giftshop with souvenirs, food and produce from Hokkaido. I bought chocolate and a bag of chips.
It was time to leave mount Moiwa and head back down to the foot of the mountain. We took the tram back and were discussing about what we should have for dinner. My uncle was craving Chinese food. I guess he was having homesick for Chinese food and my uncle got luck because we bumped into a Chinese restaurant

Just a random lady and random doggies in ombré.
へんみ ♥♥♥
へんみ is a Chinese specialised restaurant. Chinese food in Japan? I`m extra intrigued by this! へんみ is owned by a lovely obāsan (Japanese elderly woman) and was also our chef for tonight. Her restaurant was homey and cozy in Japanese style. It felt like we were guests at somebody`s home basically. After we leave our shoes at the doorstep we entered the room and sat down on `zabuton` - Japanese cushion for sitting.`
Konnichiwa obāsan!

We ordered some popular Chinese dishes like mapo tofu and a big bowl of wonton soup. The portions were huuuge! There was another a stir fry dish with noodles but we had to cancel that because we were really full after these
2 dishes.

So how was the taste? Was it authentic Chinese? Yes and no. I think when you are in an oriental country like Japan, the taste is quite similar to other oriental countries so the mapo tofu and the wonton soup tasted very oriental-ish. But if you ask if it was authentic? Not exactly. The dishes had an Asian flow on it but it misses the details such as the fermented bean sauce which was very mild and the punch of the spiciness but overall it was very homey and comforting.
Thinking about my next blogpost.


  1. Prachtige foto's Mei! Die uitzichten ook. Makes me wanna go to Japan <3

    1. Thanks lieverd ^___^ en ja! Gebergte Moiwa is dik aan te raden c: Xx

  2. A free shuttle, why not? :D // Those views!!! <3 <3 <3 // haha I love that your uncle was craving Chinese food in Japan! When my family visited me in the States, they were craving Japanese food the whole time :P My youngest brother was like, "We came all the way to the States and we're eating Japanese food??" (They were visiting from Beijing.) Eventually we went to a restaurant and had burgers and fries so that my brother could live the American experience ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha, my family is similar when they are in a non-Asian country and we want to eat something and it has to be Chinese food and it has to be in Chinatown :')
      Don't worry when I'm in US, I will EAT those American foooood but also Asian foods because of the many many good looking hotspots. I got like several tips for eating in China town already ha. Xx


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