A day in Otaru/小樽市

voor Nederlandse
sweet breakfast
Our hotel doesn`t have a restaurant or breakfast facility so we usually get our breakfast outside which I don`t mind at all! I love exploring new food and food places everyday. Here me and my family had a sweet breakfast with coffee at a French style café Vie de France.
This bun with soft cheese and apple is surprisingly delicious!
This is Otaru
After breakfast we hopped on the train that will take us to Otaru. It took around 45 min with gorgeous sea views to get there.

Otaru is a port city with canals and abundance of seafood. The freshest seafood I have ever eaten trust me. Apart the seafood there are other great foods too in Otaru plus Otaru has lovely sightseeing stuff, historical buildings and so we explored.
A friendly reminder of your kcal burn.

⛛Sankaku market
Smelly fishy busy Asian markets and I love it.
These eggs worth golds. Do you like fish eggs?
Ghost house?

⛛Denuki Koji
We arrived at Denuki Koji for lunch. Denuki Koji is a place with 20 shops mostly eatery and they are all located in cute small historical buildings. Time for a good bowl of juicy seafood with rice!
And we picked Sawazaki Fisheries Store No. 1 and that`s my uncle there entering the place! I find it pretty funny with the `No. 1` in the name but perhaps it is really a number one food place. We shall see.
Sawazaki Fisheries Store No. 1 is really really a small place. It has an open kitchen and only 12 seats around it and you can`t really walk around either. It is very compact yet it is also cozy at the same time plus you can see the chef working his magic on the food. So much detail!

There we have it two donburi (Japanese rice bowls) with lots of fresh fish!
This smiling face of mine recaps of how I feel about this assorted fish bowl: it`s SO GOOD! ♥♥♥♥♥
Strolling through these whimsical streets of Otaru.
⛛Otaru Music Box Museum
Last attraction stop at a music box museum. I think the word museum here is a bit off because I find this music box museum more to be a shop than a museum. Basically it`s 80% merchandise and 20% museum related stuff. Nonetheless it`s a beautiful place, very photogenic and lets be honest Otaru Music Box Museum have lovely items to offer plus the entry is free.
What I bought at this music box museum is not a music box but this cute enamel pin.
In the next building was this Ghibli shop and as a Ghibli fan of course I had to check this out. Also this makes up my missing out of Ghibli Museum at this post.
⮙ cute windchimes

⮛ bought a `strong milk soft serve which was yummy but nothing extraordinary


  1. omg the fish bowl looks SO good!! I would love to visit the music box museum and Studio Ghibli store <3 <3 I feel like I could browse those two stores for hoursss! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. That fish bowl was superb!! And yeah you can easily explore those shops for atleast an hour c: Xx


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