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KEK is a Dutch word for youthful, easygoing and hip but according to Urban Dictionary it is also a name of an Egyptian god of darkness that takes the shape of a frog. Right! I am learning something new everyday.

Anyways it was Jessy who tipped me off to check out KEK and I`m grateful for her great taste! Thank you Jessy! While me and my colleague friend S. entering KEK we saw a line of people who were waiting for a seat. Like us. Yikes! but at the same time that`s a good sign. We were told that it should take approximately 15 to 20 min to get a table but! In reality it only took 5 mins and me and S. were of course happy! No regret in taking the 15 or 20 min chances! 

But first I had to take a number one in this cute stylish restroom.
our food
1 flat white
1 red velvet latte
1 butterfly matcha
1 anti virus drink

1 spiced winter beans
1 chicken bánh mì
My first cup of caffeine was this red velvet latte and S. took the blue one also called butterfly matcha. Both came foamy warm in this cute chemist vials. My red velvet latte tasted like subtle mocha with a hint of coffee in the colour red. I quite liked it!
This feels like a gender reveal party almost ha but cheers!
KEK has an amazing menu and it was hard for me to pick my lunch order. I wanted pancakes I wanted a nice salad but eventually I picked a comfort dish of spiced winter beans.
This spiced winter beans dish may have been a better dish for the colder days but I don`t mind eating it in spring times! It has all the good stuff for a comfort belly like beans (cannellini bean?), avocado, tomato, feta cheese and underneath there`s a soft boiled egg as well served with slices of bread. Yum!

S. got the Vietnamese baguette also known as bánh mì. She got it with chicken tights and I got to say her plate is looking very grand and according to S. it was a lovely baguette.
Homey feel? Check!
We`ve finished our lunch with another drink and I`ve decided to buy something from KEK as well: hennep tea! And don`t worry you wont get high from it I promise because I had a few cups already. It actually taste like green tea with grass flavour funny enough.

ADDRESS: Voldersgracht 27, Delft - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••• 4/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5


  1. Replies
    1. Kek! Haha ok that's good to know because I like 'kek' :P

  2. I love that the drinks came out in flasks and the colors!! would love to try out both! so cool!!
    Oreleona | BLISS de la Leona

  3. The presentation of the food and drinks all looks so amazing!! It looks like a place that you should go with a lot of people so that everybody can order something different and then share so that everyone can get a taste of everything! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. The vibe at KEK is pretty nice and relaxing! There were many people from different ages and that makes it so lively and divers at KEK ^___^ lots of international students too I've noticed :P Xx


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