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voor Nederlandse
When it comes to vegan it`s 100% plant based and no animal product used at all including honey. I`m no vegan because I love to eat honey and dairy too much but vegan food and recipe became a challenge to me. I want to try creating vegan food as tasty as the non-vegan food. Recently I`ve made vegan cakes, tarts and even a side dish! Have a little taste down below!
blueberry pie
tahini chocolate cookies
sweet potato croquettes
miso udon
My panda chopsticks holder!
sushi dinner with cousin
This is also the cousin who joins me to US this Summer!
Sushi doesn`t taste the same when you had sushi in Japan but still it`s better to have sushi then no sushi.
Madurodam is a Dutch amusement park with all kinds of famous Dutch miniature buildings! The last time I was here I was 10 years old and I remembered it was pretty fun to walk around and be a giant amongst these cute mini scale models! Madurodam is also a memorial place for the victims of WWII and is named after a person called George Maduro who fought against the German occupation. 4 May is our annual memorial day `Remembrance of the Dead` and I was here 4 May in Madurodam.
2 minutes of silence at 8PM. It was quite emotional.


This is Utrecht!
Mr Nonno ♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5
It was brunch hour in the city Rotterdam and I was hungry. Well more food-moody because hungry you are never in a country such as Holland. So foodmoody I was I went to this new place called Mr Nonno for pancakes, coffee and chai.
This is a Walk In a Fruity Forest pancake with all kinds of berries and buttercream filling. Very fluffy pancakes and deliciously fruity! Mr Nonno makes their pancakes vegan too!
Cute wallpaper alert!
May was rainy, humid or hot. But mostly very green!
The look of a full steamed basket with buns makes me super content! These are all vegetarian friendly buns too.
Cats or bunnies? They are both very fluffy.
Shiitake shaped filled (black sesame) steamed buns.
what else?

I`ve a meet and greet with one of my favorite Dutch authors Paul van Loon! He mostly writes children horror books and I enjoyed reading them when I was little. During this meet and greet I was a bit starstrucked meeting Paul but managed to say `happy birthday (it was his b-day that day) and I`d love to have a picture with you` and there we go smiled like a fool and got a picture! Yay!

⮙ So what else? I`ve made dragon fruit ice cream in crochet. Very cute! And I bought a cute yellow yarn bowl lately. It was only 7 bucks and thought it was quite a steal. ⮛
Hmmm what else. I`ve won a goodiebag from Puik!
Thank you very much!


I think this is going to be my last cruffin for a while since my one and only cruffin bakery has closed his doors. This cruffin with cereal milk is also one of my favorite cruffin flavours.
Turmeric tea is my current favorite.
Here I was in my boss`s car being Pikachu. Speaking of Pikachu I went to the long awaited movie Detective Pikachu as well! It was a funny but mostly kawaii movie.
🠶 St. John
Homemade bread pudding and a very good chai latte that`s not made from powder! Very nice!
When my dad mentioned a package for me I was excited because I thought it was my backpack that I`ve ordered online but nope it was from my dearest Jessy who has send me a box full of treats from her holiday in Thailand! THANK YOU!! I`m going to enjoy and eat all the treats nice and slowly.
Jardin ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
I live in a small countryside area with no China Town and just a handful of good food hotspots within hand reach. I was of course very thrilled to hear a new café was coming to town! After a week of opening I went to check out Jardin which is French for garden by the way.

An important question: how are their barista skills and coffee taste like?

I had breakfast: smoothie bowl with berries, a fresh orange juice and chai. Very nice and filling! I`ve decided to stay a bit longer and read a book and ordered another flat white and a slice of their (homemade) carrot cake. All of their cakes are homemade by the way and this carrot cake of mine was tasty!

And as for the coffee, the flat white I`ve ordered it is a good one but not the right flat white. It needed to be stronger and this one tasted like a cappuccino to me. Plus a cute little foam art on top would be pretty but that`s just a minor spoiled IG side of mine.
They also have poke bowl on their menu! I`ll be coming back for that!
Bread Lab
Bread making is one of my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. Hand kneaded of course. A couple of weeks ago I went experimenting with all types of dough in baking and steaming. The results were interesting and I felt my baking level increasing.
花卷 (flower bun)
rhubarb frangipane pie (gf)
One of my recent recipe: rhubarb frangipane pie (gluten free)
Buttermilk muffins in 3 different flavours: matcha, rose and blueberries.
Back with Easter I`ve made hotcross buns and ate a box of chocolate eggs.
My favorite flavours are: cookie n cream (tasted like Kinder Bueno), rose and hazelnut. There were also a couple of unusual flavours too such as cactus, figs and watermelon. They were not bad.
Not cheesecake but cheesetarts.
Another batch of buttermilk muffins.
Oh yes I`m still doing yoga.
Rotterdam Zoo
I went to a zoo lately, Diergaarde Blijdorp! I`ve been here before at the age of 10 so that`s like almost a decade ago. Other than it`s been awhile since my last time visiting a zoo was. I think because I have a love/hate thing with a zoo. I love animals but hate the fact that they are not being free and in the wild.
As long zookeepers are doing their job in taking care of the animals then it is tolerable. I guess? Anyways, lets see some animals!
It looks like a wallpaper ha.
Spot the duck.
My bf
This piece of branch looks like a rhino no?
Please don`t poop on me thank you birds.


  1. Your steamed buns are beautiful :) Mine never come out looking that good

    1. Thank you! I'm still not satisfied of the looks yet but I'm progressing c:
      It's all practise, taste, practise, taste and practise even more!

  2. ahahh love the pokes! I haven't ever visited any place like that before! // Your post reminds me that I should try making summer rolls for a summer lunch one day! I've been getting tired of my regular recipes :P // The dragonfruit ice cream and matching dragonfruit slice are so cute! // ooh what did you win from Puik? Congrats! // omg I haven't done one of those souvenir coin things for a long time! // I've been a bit behind in the blogosphere, but I hope you're doing well Mei! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. That's ok to take a break from blogging ^___^
      If you every come to Holland I'll shall take you to this miniature park and poke at buildings and people haha. I've won a couple of cute knick knacks from Puik :3 like coasters and this cute canvas bag! And I love getting these souvenir coins, I have been collecting for some time c: I'll see you soon in NY! Xx


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