Lake Tōya/洞爺湖 & Sapporo Treats

train life
To Lake Tōya from Sapporo it was around an hour train travel. That means snacking and napping time.
Don`t these handholds look like cute faces popping out of the chairs?
Lake Toya (洞爺湖, Tōyako)
So this is Lake Tōya! It is basically a round volcanic lake with an island in the middle. Mount Usu which is an active volcano has its last eruption in 2000. This region features lots of hot springs as well but me and my family didn`t go. Instead we just stroll and hiked around the area and breath in the fresh air.
Doesn`t it look like a Disney castle on water? It`s actually a cute ferry that will take you around the lake.
Dutch flag!
lunch: kamameshi/釜飯
After a couple of hours hiking and admiring the surroundings it was time for lunch. I had my first kamameshi/釜飯 dish ever in my life which literally means `kettle rice`. The food is cooked in this cute round iron pot (kama) and kept warm with a wooden lid on top. I had the shrimp with soft cheese as topping and it was very good!
With a small colourful salad aside.
free hot springs!
We approached this hot spring/spa house and there was this little fountain outside for people to try out. My aunt here believes that hot springs has healing power and dipped her sore elbow into the water.
meow :(

back to Sapporo
• checking out Namco gaming arcade
• dinner at an Italian place
• getting dessert 🖒
Not only you can win stuffed animals but you can win chocolate and other snacks as well at these gaming arcade.
No I didn`t play because my luck is just too bad. I once lost €20 at a fair to this stupid stuffed animal (some Disney figure) grabbing machine
Apparently it was dessertfirst kind of thing. I`m not hating it! I had a blueberry pie and I forgot what the other thing was whoops.
⛛ trattoria-cucina ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
We ordered:
a platter antipasto
garlic fried broccoli
arancini roll
tomato with grilled eggplant pasta
carbonara pasta
a pizza margarita
This was so good!
Yep I love eating pasta with chopsticks.


  1. I wonder how that small pizza taste like :D

  2. The ferry totally looks like a mini Disney castle!
    The kettle rice looks so yummyyy
    I'm so bad at the claw machines as well! Playing them stresses me out, so instead, I just watch in awe as my friends play :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. The kettle rice with shrimp and cheese was soooo good! Yumyum!
      Me too, I just suck at claw machines that I much rather have my friends try it out for me haha Xx


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