my zzz's at Mystays Japan

voor Nederlandse

Staying at MyStays hotel was wonderful for all my sleeping and resting during my stay in Japan last Summer. Let me give you a quick room tour!
take your shoes off
This is as far as you can go because after this line you need to take off your outside shoes. This is a Japanse custom which I`m a fan of because I also take off my shoes and leave it in the hallway. The main reason for this is quite obvious which is hygienic reason and I couldn`t agree more! After the line you can walk in your home slippers, socks or just bare foot.
Small but functional bathroom.

My travel experience build up throughout the years taught me to not bring unnecessary clothes with you and so we wash our clothes and undies instead and let it hang to dry in the bathroom. Fresh clothes every other day!
my bed
Comfy double bed with memory foam (yes!) pillows. This was probably one of my favorite thing in this room. And the handy USB portals at the bed sides.
The window view is perhaps not the best but ok la!
Basically handy life saving bags.



  1. Looks like a humble and functional place to stay! I love when there are USB ports near the bed; they're exactly what I need to charge my phone and have it nearby so that I can shut off my phone alarm in the morning without having to go too far :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. It is a very functional room indeed! It's small but yeah everything I needed was there and the USB near my bed is one of the best functional things! Xx


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