Shopping in Sapporo

Here I am at the 150+ year old shopping street Tanukikoji. It appears to be the most famous shopping street in Sapporo and it`s 900m ( 656 ft. ) long with 200 shops in it like convenience stores, pet shop, fresh markets, restaurants, souvenir shops, fashion stores and even hotels. One of the shops I went in to was this Kit Kat store.
Wasabi Kit Kat at last we meet!
While I was walking from north to south I came across this pretty rope thing that hung in the middle of the street. I have no idea what it is or why it is there but it sure looks pretty and handmade.
Next stop: Nijo Market/二条市場
Because I`m such a 師奶 (housewife).
Smooch Coffee Stand
Coffee break
I mean this cute coffee truck is too inviting to not buy a cup of coffee am I right? One hand dripped coffee for me please!
Smooch Coffee is inspired by the 70`s Californian concept and no wonder that my coffee is also served by a chill surfer hippie dude. Again the truck is just to adorable with lots of retro style and interior.
This I love.
Moving on to Sapporo TV Tower and the rest.
Hello Kitty construction road signs. Why not.
Sigh why are these bamboo bento boxes so pricey.
Quick stop at my favorite Mos Burger.
I got the veggie burger with onion rings.
Former Hokkaido Goverment Building + free exhibition
So this is probably the biggest mall in Sapporo the JR Tower. It was so big I got lost a few times in this JR Tower. Inside there`s also a train station and other public transportation and of course shops.
This chain store was so packed with pretty much everything.
Then omurice for dinner. Yum!



  1. Whenever my family and I see a Calbee+ shop in Japan, we always stop in for fries! <3 // That coffee truck is so cute! I'm always up for trying coffee from different places :3 // The omurice looks so yummyyy -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I like Calbee+ chips though! And you'd love love love that coffee truck ^__^ Xx


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