Brunch with Audrey


This July I was having my vacation in America! It`s my 3rd time to the States mainly for family visits and of course resting which involves good eating, exploring new hotspots and having my mind to be carefree. Like a full-on holiday mode.

This time I`ve also met up with my sweet booklover Audrey from! Audrey loves books and devours tons of books per month. I wish I have this kind of devotion, I really envy that. If you need a good book advise or well written reviews please check out her blog!


We`ve been blogpals since forever but never met in real life until recently. This was a good opportunity for us to meet up in New York city!

In juli was ik op vakantie in Amerika! Het is mijn 3e keer USA en kom met name voor familie bezoek en natuurlijk gewoon voor ontspanning wat gepaard gaat met lekker eten, nieuwe plekken ontdekken en mijn gedachte even op nul zetten. Echt in de vakantie mode dus. 

Dit keer heb ik met mijn lieve boekenwurm Audrey van afgesproken! Audrey houdt van boeken en lezen en leest per maand echt wel tonnen. Ik wou dat ik ook zulke toewijding had aan lezen als zij, zucht. Mocht je trouwens een goed (Engels) boek advies nodig hebben check haar blog!

We zijn blogvriendinnen voor heel lang eigenlijk maar nog nooit elkaar ontmoet in `t echt tot nu. Dit was daarom een mooie kans om af te spreken in New York city!

voor Nederlandse

⮙ So we met up around 12:30 PM which is lunch time but instead Audrey and I got soft serve ice cream first at Milkbar. We also haven`t gotten our breakfast yet so this soft serve was also our breakfast ha.

So with our soft serve melting under the hot weather in NY, we got disturbed by friendly Google people who were doing some beta-researches. We cooperated and as a reward we got a Starbucks giftcard, woo! ⮛
Citizens of Gramercy
Finally actually food and lunch at Citizens of Gramercy!

Our food:
1 cucumber & mint lemonade
1 cold brew coffee
1 Barbie smoothie bowl
1 Wellness bowl
Audrey went for the cooling colourful smoothie bowl a.k.a. Barbie bowl.
I got the Wellness Bowl which is a vegan and glutenfree salad bowl. It has beetroot, quinoa, spinach, kale, all different kind of cabbage and avocado in lemon herb dressing. A super yummy healthy lunch that hopefully balances out my bad eating habit since they day I`ve arrived in NY.

Thank you for spending time with me!
Citizens of Gramercy

FOOD: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5


  1. Haaaa, I love itttt! Dit is zo'n goede meet-up! :D

    1. Jaaa het was echt super leuk en goeie timing ook ^___^
      wij gaan ok hè?! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Heheh, yeah me too ^___^ it's like finally meeting a penpal in real life and it was fun and sweet! Xx

  3. I was so ezcjtee to see your face pop up in Audrey's July recap .always so exciting to see that happen. The food looks delicious as well!

    1. Hahaha, like 'surpriseee' :P it was good timing and I'm glad I was able finally meeting Audrey in real! The food in NYC has been very good to me yes c: Xx

  4. How strange, I haven't been seeing your posts on my Bloglovin feed lately! Anyway, it's awesome that you and Audrey met up :) I always love meeting other bloggers in real life, it's such a weird but awesome feeling to see that they're a person and not just an image on the screen, haha!

    That wellness bowl sounds delicious, by the way! When travelling I usually find it hard to be healthy, so getting in veggies whenever you can is super important :)

    Mani /

    1. Bloglovin' has been very odd with me and I don't know why sigh. Oh well!
      I love meeting blogfriends in life! I think especially with the bloggers that writes and take photo's of similar things it somehow feels very natural when we meet in real life ^__^
      When I'm on holiday it's basically cheat day everyday haha. But yes you're right, taking veggies every now and then is a MUST on a holiday! Xx

  5. Yayy I had so much fun with you in NYC! Thanks for spending your last full day in NYC with me, and thanks for visiting The Strand a second time just for me ;P I loved eating breakfast all day with you hahah. I hope we have more foodie trips together in the future! <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Don't worry I love awesome looking bookstores like The Strand and breakfast haha I don't mind doing that more than once c: I too hope for more foodie/book trips together in the future <3 Xx


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