Hill of the Buddha, hi!


My final attraction visit in Japan-Sapporo was at the Hill of the Buddha (頭大仏). Well perhaps the word 'attraction' is too bright of a word because Hill of the Buddha is part of a cemetery. But even it's part of a cemetery it's not as gloomy or spooky this Buddha Hill is! Much more the opposite.

There's a 13,5 meter Buddha statue half hiding under a lavender hill. You can still see the top of his head from outside but the rest you need to check it out by going through a tunnel.

I've been to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong (post) before which I loved it and so I was very excited to this Buddha visit and I loved it a lot as well! The surrounding is just very serene and very clever design and thoughts about planting lavenders around the hill as well. And the best of all: it's free! 


Mijn laatste attractie in Japan-Sapporo was bij Hill of the Buddha (頭大仏) hoewel het woord 'attractie' misschien te vrolijk woord is, want Hill of the Buddha hoort namelijk bij een begraafplaats. Ondanks dat het bij een kerkhof hoort, is deze Buddha Hill niet somber of spookachtig. Eerder het tegenovergestelde. 

Hier vind je een 13,5 meter Buddha beeld die half onder een heuvel is verscholen. Je kan het topje van zijn hoofd vanaf buiten zien maar voor de rest moet je toch door een tunnel gaan.

Ikzelf ben al bij de Big Buddha in Hong Kong (postgeweest en die was mooi! Ik was benieuwd naar deze en ook deze was een mooie ervaring. De omgeving is zo kalm en heel slim ontworpen met lavendel planten om de heuvel heen. En het beste van al dit: het is gratis!

voor Nederlandse

Sapporo hiking. It was so hot! But it was worth all the sweat and burn.

Wondering if these are tiny houses or not. Or just contemporary looking wooden cabins.
Hill of the Buddha
Anyways, we`re here!
Hello Moai statues.

Wash your hands.

There`s a little giftshop and café with restroom and a good place for us to take a break. Though this place could use a bit more light and ambiance like adding plants because to me it looked more like an underground bunker.
Another giftshop
But the real gift are these lavenders.



  1. I love the sound of anything free! The lavender field is beautiful (as they always are!), and I agree with you, the cafe looks like a bunker haha. It's so interesting to see all the architectural pieces and nature together! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. This place is so serene in architecture and nature. Hill of the Buddha is quite new hence it wasn't overflown by tourist which was for us a nice treat :)
      And heck yes, free! Haha :P Xx


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