Shiroi Koibito Themepark (白い恋人パーク)


My one and only theme park visit in Japan: Shiroi Koibito Park. It is created by the chocolate brand Ishiya and because of that Shiroi Koibito Park is a sweet theme park with lots of food props. I`d say it felt like going through Charlie`s Chocolate Factory! I wonder if Shiroi Koibito Park was inspired by Charlie`s Chocolate Factory? Anyways!

This park has a free section part and a paid section. Since Shiroi Koibito Park was under construction, the paid section was free. Well lucky me! But because it was partly under construction, I wasn`t been able to see all of Shiroi Koibito Park. This park is very manmade I think but nonetheless if you like sweet, cuteness and just sense positive vibes then this theme park might be the one for you to check out!

In Japan ging ik op bezoek bij een pretpark genaamd Shiroi Koibito Park. Het park is opgericht door het chocolademerk Ishiya en hierdoor is dit pretpark geheel zoet aangekleed in food attributen. Voor mij voelde het alsof ik door Charlie`s Chocolate Factory liep. Misschien waren zij zelf geïnspireerd op Charlie`s Chocolate Factory fantasie die tot dit pretpark leidde. In ieder geval is `t erg leuk, zoet en vrolijk en dit park heeft een gratis gedeelte en een betaald gedeelte. Omdat `t park een deel aan het verbouwen was, was entree gratis. Bof ik even! Maar goed omdat het aan het verbouwen was, kon ik niet alles van Shiroi Koibito Park zien. Het park is nogmaals erg vrolijk en hou jezelf van zoetigheid in alle vormen dan is dit park echt iets voor jou!

Shiroi Koibito Park
Again Shiroi Koibito Park has a free area for visitors to roam around and I think this alone itself is worth a visit. Because right after the entrance you walk straight into this gorgeous trimmed garden with perfectly trimmed flowers, plants and there are mini play houses for kids and adult to check out. There`s also a lovely greenhouse and animal figures and along there`s music playing on the background making you feel you`re in a very happy place. I was indeed quite happy person.
So pretty!
Hello Europe! By that I mean there were lots of West Europe looking buildings and decors around the park.
Hello tiny house!
So these tiny houses are from Gulliver Town which is also part of the Shiroi Koibito Park section.
Chocolate Topia House
Entering the Chocolate Factory of this park which also has a museum, interactive activities, workshops and restaurants inside. Normally it`s 1,500 yen but since it was under renovation the Chocolate Topia House was free. Hurray!
Handy cat paw traces that lead the way.
Chocolate Tunnel and it really smelled like chocolate.
Sea monkey spotting.

under construction
Shiroi Koibito Park closes at 7PM. Before closure there`s an ending theme going on. Like the fireworks at Disneyland but there were no fireworks at Shiroi Koibito Park. Instead it was still daylight and bubbles were released, music were playing with dancing figurines performing around in and out the garden.
Would I come back again? Yes! I`ll come back for the divers restaurant and their food because I haven`t tried the food yet other then the snacks plus I`m curious about the renovated part. And again the garden is so pretty!


  1. Woww is this heaven?? <3 This looks like the perfect park for a foodie! The tree house is so cool, and I love that they release bubbles at the end of the day. Magical! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Felt like Charlie Chocolate Factory heaven kind of thing :P it was utterly sweet! I also loved the bubbles at the end ^_^ it was very cheerful! Xx


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