Peek Into My Life 86

Somewhere July
Standing with a bowl of hot and spicy Indonesian street food.
From Kale & de Bril we have cauliflower with mushroom in butter and herbs and it`s really really good!
Cute stands and great music, my other bonus at a food festival.
I was very excited for this vegetarian hotdog because it looked really good and rich until I took my first bite. There was still plastic, rubbery thingy around the sausage! I returned the hotdog to the maker, pointing out the plastic situation. Her excuse reason was: `it`s a vegetarian intestinal wall`. The name intestinal wall itself was already off-putting even it`s 100% veggie and nonetheless my teeth still didn`t get through it.

Luckily the chef was kind enough to make me a new hotdog and removed this weird veggie intestinal wall. At the end it was still a good hotdog!
A whole fish!
I rarely buy clothes at markets because the lack of fitting rooms but I have found one at this stand! Pretty cool.
Cute Dutch town Veere.
Werk it
My job is fun but sometimes it gets even better. Like good lunches and a fun photography workshop involvement.
I was glamping
I have never camped in a tent in the wilderness or park, festivals or heck in my backyard before. I guess camping isn`t really an Asian thing but I`ll put it in my bucketlist because I would love to wake up in nature with a gorgeous landscape in the background. Or sleep under a starry night sky. That would be cool.

But my closest thing to camping is camping in nice wooden cabin with basic needs within hand reach including wifi obvious.
A makeshift cinema watching the classic The Hungergames movie. I`ve read all the books but I thought it was so-so. The second movie however was my favorite of all.
I`m not cheating because I admit I`m really not good at bowling. I haven`t done it in years.
Red beet burger.
I`ve made a crêpe cake for the kids! It has 16 layers which is the same amount of my class.
Phone Pics
Jessy`s birthday party // early exercise // feeling forever young
Being bold but scared // sketching // sketching part 2
Field trip // The Lion King nostalgic // Ice Coffee in hot NY
Lately I`ve been making perfectly crochet circles! I`m planning to make a DIY post of it.
⮙ So can you guess what this is?
First time having yellow watermelon.
I bought this beer infused cheese as a gift for my family in NY.
Cheetos Flamin`Hot we finally meet! My country only have Cheetos cheese puffs but not these hot and spicy stuff and I kind of like them! Even though they are making my fingertips completly red.
My vehicle!
This is my car a hatchback and my boyfriend and his name is Seat Ibiza and I have it for 2 years now.
And the inside needs a good cleaning.
Summer vibe
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey.
Flower Burger ♥♥♥♥
Hippie, colourful and 100% vegan food this restaurant serve and do not say it`s a fastfood restaurant which Flower Burger claims because they do not deep-fry their burgers and fries.
I got the Cherry Bomb burger with potato wedges and vegan mayo. The Cherry Bomb has a cute colour, a yummy lentil patty and bean sprouts. The bean sprouts were a nice crunchy element!
it was fig season
A wonderful colleague of mine has a fig tree in her yard which gave so much fruit, she harvest it and gave a lot of figs to me! Thank you so much M.! Here`s what I`ve done with the figs: in cake, tart and in breakfast bowls.
An experimental tart and I love it!
This was Ottolenghi`s recipe: fig & almond cake.

And the pie and tart making continues. #forever
I bought these outdoor hiking sandals for my vacation to USA and they are truly wonderful sandals to walk from early morning to late evening. Zero blisters! Though they are not good hill and mountain sandals because I slipped a couple of times but they are great city shoes.
This is my favorite favorite favourite vegan burger because o Lord, it taste like an exact burger patty! This is really the closest thing to real meat and therefor my favorite patty.

This is my own creation and I call it Hawaiian hot and spicy vegan burger. ⮛
I love to discover and taste new vegan products but these vegan salmon was not as great as the burger.
Meeting Yasmin
I was very excited to meet Yasmin in Rotterdam. For the first time as well! We know each other from the gaming platform Gaiaonline back in the days and honestly the name Ice Pandora kind of started there ha #nerd. Anyways I was showing Yasmin my favorite city Rotterdam!
Discovering the architectural Cubic Houses with Yasmin.
Fluffy savoury pancake lunch and fluffy cake rolls at Round and Round.
After the cake roll with Yasmin I was inspired to bake a nice fluffy matcha chiffon cake the next day.'
Am doing lots of lunch dates with my bestie and her daughter C.! As an auntie it is my responsibility to take little C. to the best foodspots of course!
Dutch grilled triple cheese, heck yes!
Cheesecake? Yes please.
Missing my kimono-summer sway.
DIY Vegan rose cake
⮙ Here`s a recipe of mine in creating a delicious vegan rose chocolate cake!
I also have made these strawberry fruitbar!
Middelburg & Jessy
One of my artistic good friend Jessy came to visit me in my countryside area and I had the pleasure to guide her through Middelburg! We basically were catching up with a good lunch and did a little work out afterwards by climbing the 207 staircase of the Abby Tower of Long John.
Lunch was at St. John, a beloved eatery amongst the people of Middelburg and myself and keen to show this to Jessy! We both had a sandwich (mine: apricot & goat cheese, Jessy`s: chicken avocado) and afterwards we shared a frozen yogurt with black berries. Delish!
207 staircase I eat you! It could be more but the top tower was under maintenance so Jessy and me only got 80% of the Abby Tower.
Just take a look at the view of Middelburg. At some angle it also reminds me of Kings Landing from GoT don`t you think?
There was a small exhibition from local artist and we took advantage of our studentcard/museumpass to enter this exhibition for free. The exhibition was mostly contemporary and abstract and honestly I wasn`t really wowd by it. I did like these individual wooden boxes though.
And lastly before Jessy heading back up north we had dinner at Stoom, my favorite local (vegan) restaurant plus it was just next to the trainstation as well. I recommended the weed burger, my ultimate favorite burger and we shared a Indonesian dish. The rice in this dish was so fluffy!
So good!
Speaking about burger, I had this prize winning vegan burger from Jack Bean with Yasmin the other day. While were ordering this burger, it looked huge on the picture. Hence we only got one burger initially for sharing but it turns out it was normal sized burger #lol. It was a good spicy burger though! Not so sure it would beat the weed burger from Stoom.
Cook book aisle.
World Clean Up Day
I participated a beach clean up for the annual World Clean Up Day. For the very first time and I feel good about it! It was a sunny day and I get to clean up the beach on a sunny day so it was a win-win for me. With good spirit, a sack and grab thingy we were off picking up trash.
1. cig butts
2. fishing nets & wires
3. wrappers
4. bottle caps
5. balloons/garlands/party deco stuff


  1. All of that veggie food looks so good. It seem as though your summer was a really fun one!

    1. My summer was good, inspiring and motivating ^___^ thank you Rooth! Xx


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