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The Forbidden City & Peking Duck


Summer 2018 was full on exploring Asia. Now whole Asia of course but I went to Japan and China for the very first time of my life. I've experienced heatwaves and I don't mind tropical temperatures at all but some were just to hot and steamy for me even.

I've also explored and walked so much in China. Everyday was pretty much a workout especially with the topnotch temperatures and hill hiking. I've had delicious cheap Chinese food and it's not the typical Chinatown version. 

I almost had the one and only delicacy Peking Duck because it looked so so so good but I restrained and kept true to my vegetarian heart.

One of the things I want to do in China was to see The Forbidden City. I grew up with C-drama (還珠格格 anyone?) and movies and The Forbidden City and all the historical events that took place has fascinated me ever since. 

I don't know why but somehow visiting this palace completes me being a Chinese. A proud one!  


De zomer 2018 was een en al Aziatisch avontuur. Ik ging namelijk naar Japan en China voor het allereerste keer. En deze was erg heet! Ik kan aardig tegen tropische hittegolven maar hier ontdekte ik ze opnieuw hoor. Het was gewoon pittig heet!

Ik heb deels de mooie China ontdekt en belopen. Elke dag was gewoon een workout met die hoge temperaturen erbij. Soms ook een berg op. 
Gelukkig kon ik mijn hart ophalen bij het heerlijk écht Chinees eten. Dus geen Chinatown variant. 

Ik had zelfs bijna de enige echte Peking eend op want die zag er zo ongewoon lekker uit. Maar ik hield me sterk en bleef trouw aan mijn plantaardige hart.

Mijn fascinatie voor De Verboden Stad was dankzij C-drama(還珠格格 iemand?). Wat is er hier veel historische dingen gebeurd! Ik moet en zal De Verboden Stad met eigen ogen zien. 

Raar maar als Chinees zijnde voel ik me vanbinnen ergens completer na het bezoek aan het paleis. #trots

voor Nederlandse
The Forbidden City
Here I am emperor, empress, consorts, concubines and kungfu fighting masters!

I love love love the gorgeous traditional Chinese clothing so much but I cannot imagine how people back could wear all the layers in the hot summer like this one. I was sweating mad.

Pretty stone tiles.
Are you ok mister tree?
At one of the courtyards. I think it`s one of my favorite places within the palace.
The Palace Museum
Collection of rare pieces of elegant art. And thank goodness there was airco inside.
The view from the top roof was pretty cool!
Show me the way to the food please
Me and my family spend a good hour or 2-3 inside The Forbidden City but it was really time to get food and refreshment. We don`t really have a restaurant in mind and so we just walked until we found a place that look decent.
noodles & duck
We have found this place whom I forgot the name of the restaurant. I couldn`t find it on Google Maps either due to the blockage but the food here was nice! Also nice that the cups, bowls and plates were wrapped up because hygiene can be a challenge in China. We still end up splashing our utensils with water.
Super duper neatly chopped.
Veggie version.
⮝ His. And mine! My first bowl of biang biang noodles (彪彪面) and despite the hot weather, it is comforting, spicy bowl of food and you mix everything in your bowl. I`ve also heard that making these hand pulled noodles is pretty easy to do at home.
I might try it in the future.


  1. I just came back from China and was wondering (before my trip) when you would post as I love to see Roger people's experience.

    The palace looks incredible and I cannot imagine the sheer heat! Especially with all the concrete

    1. Ohhh how was your trip in China! Wait I'll just go check upon your blog :)
      Sorry for this super late post of China though :c I'm just a snail in blogging nowadays.
      The palace was so hot. It's a wonder it didn't melt and collapsed ha from the heat.

  2. We deal with this heat all the time but we have AC everywhere so that's different. I know the duck looks awesome but I think I like the noodles even more!

    1. Yeah I should have bought those portable mini fans :') and yeaaaah the noodles were superb and spicy! Xx


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