Old Dutch Delft, hallo!


When you have to name a city from The Netherlands you'd probably come up with Amsterdam which is quite the obvious. Or  perhaps Rotterdam. Or Delft for the real geographic go getter.

Delft lies north of Rotterdam and it's a city of art and a big chance you've heard or seen of Delfts art.
How about the 'Girl With the Pearl Earring?' Yep, it was made by a Delftenaar and painter J. Vermeer.
We have Delfts blue pottery and tiles. There's cheese. 

There was also rain when I was in Delft with my colleague friend Sanneke. But it was also my first time in Delft and I was excited! We saw a lot of art related stuff in Old Dutch style. We ate at Kek (blogpost here) and we did a boattrip.
Scroll down to see our Delft adventure.


Als je een Nederlandse stad moet opnoemen, welke zou dat zijn? Amsterdam? Dat kan. Of Rotterdam. Maar wat dacht je van Delft? 
Delft ken je vast ook wel!

Ik ben er nog nooit geweest wel rijd ik er vaak langs met de trein. Delft ken ik natuurlijk van Delfts blauw, Johannes Vermeer en de slimme koppen van TU Delft. 
Wie er ook nog in Delft geweest is, is mijn vriendin-collega Sanneke. 

Deze moeten we samen even ondernemen vind ik, zo gezegd zo gedaan.
We hebben heerlijk geluncht bij Kek (blogpost here), veel rond gelopen, beetje gewinkeld, weer gegeten en een rondje bootje varen. 

Scroll beneden toe voor al onze eerste keren in Delft. 

Sweet Delft
Me and S. hoped to see lots of tulips but tulips were out of season but instead we got greeted by Delfts pride: Delfts Blue art style.
Tip: sit at the back of the boat for good photogenic shoots.

Also tip: bring rain poncho or umbrella.
This boattrip provided us a guide tour and one of the things I remembered from the guide were these ropes: it was specially attached for cats who accidentally fell in the water. Awww, how thoughtful!
Coffee & Applepie time
After the rainy boat ride we totally deserved something nice like coffee and pie.
At Koffie En Zo Delft ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Eventually I got dirty chai, so good.
Streets of Delft
One of the things I also remembered from the tour guide on the boat was this house: it used to be the highest paying taxes of Delft, thanks to the many windows. Apparently the amount of windows is the amount of tax back in the days.
Random art quotes on the floor.
Here me and S. witnessed a lesbian marriage.
Delfts Library
And one of the nicest looking public library I have been to.
Delft little alleys
We end with
At Pokay for poké bowls 
I cut my index finger by opening this stupid cap thingy :(
Me and S. got a custom made poké bowls with salmon and lots of green toppings such as avocado, cucumber and seaweed. The toppings were rich in my opinion with good sauce and fresh fish. Though perhaps not melt in the mouth type of quality fish and thanks to my spoiled taste buds that has tasted the foods of Japan I found the rice mushed up instead of fluffy. The flavour was overly still good.
♥ Bye Delft!


  1. haha I can't believe so many cats have fallen in the water that the city has taken precautions with the ropes! Glad the cats have a way of getting themselves out of the water now :)

    Love the cafe's complaint button! <3 Nothing better than a hot cuppa coffee on a cold and/or wet day!

    ooh the windows on that apartment! SO beautiful! Goals!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha yeah but I haven't spotted any cats that day sadly. Though it was raining so perhaps the cats weren't wandering off the streets.
      I can't wait till it's freezing cold and snow and I'm sitting at home wrapped all in blanket with a hot cup of tea/coffee!!
      Xx Mei

  2. Looks absolutely lovely (even if it's cloudy) there and that poke looks delicious!


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