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Ice Pandora is an online lifestyle diary that comes in text and photographs, all responsible by Mei (梅美貞 ) who is by the way already in her ¼ life of age. Mei has a bachelor degree in creative cultural education and a blogger from The Netherlands. A Chinese-Dutchie!
This Chinese-Dutchie loves to be on the move, usually with food and camera in her hand or a passport with headphones, yarn and glue gun or a bowl of gluten free dough batter. Yum? Yes very! All this passion sums up the 5 Ice Pandora charisma: snappie, foodie, craftie, healthie and happie. 

Mei discovered blogging since the early ’10 and she's been doing it non-stop so far by writing blogpost almost every day. Mei's blogposts usually involve food, creative ideas, travels, armature cooking skills, sometimes beauty tips but mostly positive life updates.
Her younger self was also active in the digital era in the form of online gaming, watching anime, creating pixel art (more here) and an active forum user but underneath all that lies a creative mind, a foodie and a wanderlust. Her friends describe her as a calm, gentle, cheery, lively, inventive but also sometimes naive and a hermit kind of person too.
Furthermore, Mei is a quirk and a sweet tooth café-lover and that makes the name ´Ice Pandora ´a good fit for this online diary: a small digital space with a mix of personal style and creativity and pursuing dreams.  

Some Mei facts
*           Did you know her English name is Jade which she barely uses?
*       She is a part of a tripling and has 2 other brothers but they don’t look alike though!
*           Mei is somewhere between 5’5 and 5’6 feet (1.70 m) tall.
*           She speaks Dutch, Cantonese, and English fluently. Would love to learn: French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. 
*         Her mum passed away in ’11 and she misses her a lot. Especially her talking and homemade food.
*           Speaking of food, Mei is a pescatarian too.
*           Dairy products are the reason she can’t become vegan.
*     When she was younger she wished to have blonde hair like anime character Sailormoon, because Sailormoon was her childhood heroine. Nowadays she still is blondless but has black hair with a small bundle of (natural) grey hair.
*           She has bad eyesight and wears contacts by day and glasses by night.


blog info
• 2010: blog born! 
most used fonts: courier new
• time spend on a blog post: between 1 to 4 hours. Or all day long

• all Dutch translation is done by myself manually • yes, most photos are edited by Photoshop

• my camera: Olympus E-M5 II
• my lenses:
  12-50 mm lens

  20 mm lens
• my phone: Samsung Galaxy s8


Audreythe breath of student life
Brithe art inspire
Carmen: the yarn master
Cindythe hearted life
Chungah: the simple cookery
Damaristhe cat lover
Janethe wanderlust
Jennifer: the basic
Jessy: the foodie traveler (NL)
Kati: the green stylist
Lenneke: the power of words (NL)
Louisethe Japanese source
Mani: the traveler
Margaret: the fashion writer
Maureenthe hotspot seeker
Merel: the green life (NL)
Michellethe writer
Mihothe food source
Natalie: the traveler
Rae: the home and living
Rooth: the author
Sonia: the Asian housewife chef
Stephanie: the world seeing
Tiffanythe foodie
Yak Man: the Dutch presenter in China
Zoë: the beauty source (NL)

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